Revamp your Vibes and Find Your Tribe

Let’s take it down from the top, and get familiar with how to go about with distinctive vibes (obviously positive) of your own. There is for sure something peculiar in each of our personalities that we want to showcase or it stands out on its own. The person with the personality and the most individualistic out of the lot, here at is about to put it in public on how to create and tweak vibes of your own.

Vibes Eh?

By now with the ample amounts in articles on vibes here, you might be aware of what a vibe refers to. Non? Fret not. The vibe tribe is here to explain it all over again. 

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Vibe is the energy that you give off. This is the energy that creates a kind of a mini atmosphere around you. This mini atmosphere called aura is pretty vulnerable to other people’s mini atmospheres and is to be kept clean, sacred and optimistic. A negative aura will protrude other people’s aura too and they will blacklist you as a negative person. Also a negative aura giving off negative energy is not healthy both physically and mentally at all. To avoid this cleanse your aura regularly and try practicing the art of positivity. 

So simply, vibes are what describe the emotional wiring you are made from. 

Building a Vibe

Firstly, it is not mandatory that everyone is aware of the vibes or energy they give off. Most people give off negative vibes without even realizing. And then there are some who just ooze out positivity with a simple ‘Hi’. You certainly don’t want to fall in the former category. For this to not happen you have to identify your vibe. 

Identifying Your Vibes

As we discussed earlier, vibes are made from a person’s internal traits, characteristics and power of thoughts. If for example, you are very nitpicking that will show on your general public dealings later but will be exposed initially through your vibes. The way you talk, the words you use, your mentality and body language all contribute towards your vibes. 

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If unaware of your vibes, simply sit by yourself or your friend (preferably long term as they know you better) and contemplate on all or either of the following 

• Frequently used words

• Behavior with strangers 

• Reaction to awkward situations

• What kind of a temper you have

• Your pet peeves 

• How much time do you take to befriend someone 

All these are just the initial few questions to begin with. Your answers will tell you to want kind of vibes you give off. 

If you are not the person you aspire to be as described in your answers, then it is time to make a switch.

Glitter Up Your Vibes

Having a certain vibe is like being in a cast. The cast that you get when fractured. Although this cast is to stick with you forever. So allow only a select chosen ones to smudge and scribble on it and create a non itchy one too.

Switching from your toxic aura to a positive one takes practice.

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If your traits and values do not come from within, your vibes will be portrayed as a facade. Get to know from friends and family your annoying little habits and work on them day in and day out for improvement. For example, I was told by my mother that I got a smug person’s vibe going on a few years back. I definitely adopted the virtue of kindness and that helped me make a switch to my original vibes.

Find Your Vibe Tribe

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This for me is the most important subhead. Because your vibe tribe is what binds you together to your very essence. If it were not for these people, you wouldn’t have been able to relate to anybody. It is crucial yet totally random to find a vibe tribe and how will you find one. People you feel your traits and aura attached to are rare and must be preserved at any cost. These are the people that will understand you the most in any situation.

Paint and Portray your Vibes

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Once you are sure of your vibes, the need to find a way to show it to the world is all that matters. Your vibes will be displayed throughout the way you represent yourself. Your friends, your choices your way of talking, your remarks and mostly via your body language. For obvious reasons everyone longs for the company of a fun loving and genuine person as they pose are food for the soul. Strive to be this person.

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