7 Recipes Of Coffees For Coffee Lovers

Coffee! A perfect partner to one in distress. One cup is enough to lift the mood. It is a perfect partner during late-night studies. Coffee is one word but connected with various emotions. Anger, pain, hunger, stress, happiness, etc. Various emotions but one solution i.e. coffee. One cup of coffee has the power to change moods with every sip. While aroma calms the mind, taste calms the heart. It is the reason behind the smile in the morning. It is also the one that kicks sleep out of the system at the night. It is hard to imagine a single day without coffee.

So how about we enlighten you on some recipes for coffees after bribing you with its good qualities?

Coffee helps in boosting productivity and physical performance. It helps in reducing the risk of type 2 diabetes, stroke, and cancer. Drinking coffee makes the DNA stronger. Coffee appears in various forms like mocha, latte, espresso, cappuccino, dalgona, etc. It can be strong or light depending on the amount of coffee content. It can also be cold or hot. Well, to suit the preference of distinct people, it is available in distinct forms. Let us learn a few recipes of coffees to increase our list of experiments in cooking.

7 Recipes Of Coffees For Coffee Lovers

1. Cappuccino

Image Source: Coffee Bros.

Cappuccino is an Italian coffee drink that boosts up anyone’s mood with its strong aromatic flavor. It is an espresso-based drink, which can be elevated by adding optional ingredients like cinnamon, cream, etc.


  1. Espresso coffee
  2. Water
  3. Sugar
  4. Milk
  5. bowl


Add 2 teaspoons of coffee powder to a bowl. Now, add 2 and ½ teaspoon of sugar. Add 1 teaspoon of hot water and mix it well. After 5 minutes of mixing, add 1 teaspoon of water and mix again. After 10 minutes, the mixture should be thick and light in color. Transfer 1 and ½ mixture to the mug. Heat the milk. Don’t boil it. Pour this hot milk to the mixture in the cup. If you like creamy cappuccino, add more of the mixture on top of the coffee in the cup. Cappuccino is ready to be savored.

2. Espresso

Image Source: Coffee Bros.

Espresso is a concentrated coffee drink that is served in small and strong shots. It is a perfect go to coffee when you want to start your day energetically.


  1. Milk
  2. Stick Blender
  3. Coffee powder
  4. Sugar
  5. Water
  6. Pan
  7. Bowl


Add 1 cup of milk to a pan. Make it frothy using a stick blender. Start boiling it alongside. Take a bowl and add a tablespoon of coffee powder, a tablespoon of sugar, and 1 tablespoon of hot water. Whisk the mixture till it becomes thick, pale brown and frothy. Add one more tablespoon of water till the color becomes paler. Pour this mixture to a coffee mug in a way such that 90% of the cup is covered by the mixture. Pour the frothy milk into this mixture in the cup. The espresso is ready to please the taste buds. If necessary, add a pale coffee mix on top of it.

3. Americano

Image Source: Petite Gourmets

Caffè Americano is a coffee drink prepared by diluting espresso with hot water. It is simple in construction.


  1. Espresso Coffee
  2. Hot water
  3. Bowl
  4. Coffee mug


Take a bowl and pour half a cup of hot water. Now, add 2 tablespoons of coffee powder. Stir the mixture till the coffee powder is dissolved. You can add sugar if required. If the powder is dissolved completely, then espresso is ready. Transfer this espresso to a coffee mug. Pour the hot water again. But this time the ratio of espresso and hot water should be in the ratio 1:2. Americano is ready to be served. It is now revealed that Americano is just an Espresso coffee without milk.

4. Frappé

Image Source: Little Coffee Place

Created by Dimitris Vakondios, Frappé is a cold version of a coffee drink. It is foamy and refreshing drink.


  1. Coffee powder
  2. Water
  3. Sugar
  4. Bowl
  5. Milk
  6. Ice cubes
  7. Whipped cream


At first, make a sugar syrup by adding half a cup of sugar and half a cup of water in a bowl. Heat the bowl till the sugar dissolves completely. Take a bowl and add 1 and ½ tablespoon of coffee powder and 1 and ½ tablespoon of water. Stir the mixture till the coffee powder dissolves. Add ¾ of milk to the mixer grinder. Pour the sugar syrup and coffee mix to the mixer grinder. Add ice cubes and turn on the grinder.

Let the mixture mix till the ice cubes disappear. Turn off the grinder and pour the mixture into glasses. Add whipped cream on the top. You can even grate a piece of chocolate on top of the cream to make it attractive. Frappe is ready to calm your mind.

5. Latte

Image Source: Urnex

Latte is a coffee drink originated from Italy. It is a simple ingredient coffee drink and one of the loved recipes of coffees.


  1. Espresso Coffee powder
  2. Milk
  3. Water
  4. Coffee mug
  5. Cocoa powder


Take a coffee mug and add 2 teaspoons of coffee powder. Add ¼ cup of hot water. Mix it slowly till the coffee powder dissolves completely. Add 1 cup of milk to a bowl. Use the blender to make the milk foamy. Pour this foam milk slowly to the mug. Don’t mix the milk and the coffee shot with a spoon. Just add it till the top layer of the coffee is white. Filter the cocoa powder on top of the cocoa powder. Use a toothpick to design according to your wish. You can even use chocolate syrup or the foamed milk to make the latte attractive. After the decorations, the latte will be ready to please the heart.

6. Mocha

Mocha is a chocolate-flavored drink for all the chocolate lovers. It is an extremely easy recipe to make.


  1. Coffee powder
  2. Cocoa powder / Dark chocolate
  3. Milk
  4. Water
  5. Heat resistant jar with lid
  6. Coffee mug
  7. Sugar


Add coffee powder, sugar, and cocoa powder each 1 teaspoon to a coffee mug. Pour 2-3 teaspoons of hot water and mix it well till the coffee powder dissolves completely. Dark chocolate is an alternative to the cocoa powder. Put a piece of dark chocolate in a coffee mug and add steaming hot water. Wait for a minute or two and stir it with a spoon. Add coffee powder and sugar each 1 teaspoon and mix them well.

Boil milk in a bowl for few minutes. Pour the hot milk in a heat resistant jar and close the lid. Shake the jar for 30 seconds till to make milk frothy. Pour the frothy milk to the mug. Don’t stir the content with a spoon, just add it. Mocha is ready to soothe the soul.

7. Dalgona Coffee

Dalgona Coffee
Image Source: Medium

Thanks to the recent trend on Instagram during lockdown we came across this. It is beneficial to the body’s energy levels. It contains antioxidants that benefit your health.


  1. Coffee powder
  2. Water
  3. Whisk / Electric mixer
  4. Milk
  5. Sugar
  6. Ice cubes
  7. Bowl


Take a bowl and add coffee powder, sugar, and hot water two spoons each. Whisk it with an electric mixer or a whisk till it becomes pale in color and creamy. Take a glass and add a few ice cubes in it. Pour milk till it reaches ¾ of the glass. Scoop the coffee mix and add it to the milk. Level the upper surface with a spoon. You can grate chocolate over the coffee to make it attractive. You can also use cocoa powder or chocolate syrup. Dalgona coffee is ready to take you on a pleasure trip.

Simple ingredients but a variety of beverages, everything is in the control of the maker. One can alter the quantity and make a new variety of coffee. Life is similar to coffee. It will be bitter if you add bad thoughts and actions in high amounts while making it. But, if good thoughts and actions cross bad ones then the coffee is going to be perfect.

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