12 Reasons Why Yoga Is The Best Practice

People often have this question “what else can I do for a workout, instead of going to the gym”. The answer to YOGA. It is everything that the body needs to function and is considered simply the best.

With this workout form, one can expect flexibility, toning and strengthening of the body, and a lot of other benefits. You don’t have to use any equipment, just an empty space is perfect.

We tell you all the benefits of this ancient Indian practice. They will definitely convince you to perform yoga on a daily basis.

12 Reasons Why Yoga Is The Best Practice

1. Saves Time

Instead of wasting your precious time at the gym working on each body part separately, yoga will help you do it all at once. This will help you save a lot of time. No amount of lifting weights will make your body stronger, when compared to the benefits this practice can give you.

woman doing outdoor yoga
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It is an overall body workout. It does not take one body part in isolation. Also it this core-centric practice which can help you stabilize your body. You get a happy heart, strong core and toned muscles, all by performing asanas in the comfort of your house. If you want an in depth comparison between workout at home vs gym, then check here.

2. Yoga Is Good Cardio

woman doing yoga
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Yoga is not about stretching and improving flexibility. It can function as a good cardio too. All you need to do, is practice Suryanamaskar, or any form of exercise that is strenuous enough. Match your breath to the movement and increase the pace. You have your curated cardio. Or you can try the Kundalini frog pose, that is perfect for cardio too. The many benefits of cardio are listed here if you want to begin with cardio in your exercise routine.

3. Saves Money

It is not going to cost you any penny. All you need is practice.

pink yoga mat
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You can wear any clothes that are comfortable and allow free movement. If you cant afford a mat, don’t stress about it. Natural grass, even ground or a carpet, will be just fine. No special training is required either. You can learn it from YouTube under the guidance of a yoga Guru. My current favorite is Yoga With Adriene. However, now there are smart pants like Nadi X Yoga Pants, technologically infused to correct your posture with vibrations. Smart yoga, with latest equipment, is a growing trend but falls a bit to the expensive side.

4. Practice It Anywhere

outdoor yoga practice
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Unlike a gym, you can do it anywhere. It doesn’t require any equipment, nor does it matter if you do it at work, home, or even on the street. As long as you have the desire to be fit and trust the entire process, you can make it work anywhere.

5. Aids Weight Loss

two women doing yoga
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When you practice yoga, your thinking will evolve gradually. It is going to change the way you approach life, your body and your eating patterns too. It is going to make you appreciate your body, and its going to be the best fuel to boost you up. Regular yoga practice allows you to withdraw from processed junk food too. And when you change your thinking about the body and the food that you take in, it will become a much more effective weight loss technique, rather than burning calories at a gym. You wont even need these 5 weight lose hacks.

6. Yoga = No Injuries

woman doing yoga in a dress
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In yoga, you learn to unite your mind and body. This will allow you to move easily and pay attention to how your body feels. As a result, you make mindful movements that will make you feel good. Plus they are risk-free too. Any beginner will never be allowed to perform advanced-level poses and it all begins with baby steps. So this will cause no injury and you will embark on a soulful journey to become a strong and healthy individual.

7. The Mind, Body, and the Spirit

peaceful yoga
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Yoga is going to help you tone your body and alongside, it will allow you to establish a connection with your spirit. Such is the positive energy it has. A gym workout is basically focused on improving physical body conditions. This workout form is a much more relaxing practice and has solutions to all diseases and ailments too.

8. Works Externally and Internally

yoga instructor
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The twisting, stretching, and folding in yoga is a good process that aids the digestive system, the circulatory system. Not only this, it is a great way you can detox the body and improve the cardiovascular system. This will also allow the muscles to grow stronger, by working on mentally improving your functioning too.

9. With Yoga Comes Acceptance

outdoor yoga practice
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Yoga will help you believe that you’re perfect the way you are. It nicely stated that it is not self-improvement but self-acceptance. with it one learns to execute self-love and be accepting of the change.

10. Builds Focuses

silhouette of woman

Generally yoga studios don’t have mirrors. There is a reason for this. It is a practice that allows you to focus solely on your movement and each little form your body takes. This is a practice that requires focus and very less distraction. Hence, this workout form is extremely beneficial.

11. Kind to the Body

woman doing yoga outdoors
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This workout practice helps you build heat inside your body naturally and works with your muscles. But the idea is not to push yourself too much. You do what your body is allows. There are simple subtle movements that show visible changes and positive results. As you stretch and move through postures, the body becomes habitual and falls in line with perfect rhythm.

12. Has Calming Effect

indoor yoga
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Yoga allows you to calm down. You will not grunt, or make stress-laden expressions that naturally show up in gym sessions. The overall motive of doing it is to elevate the tension between the body and mind. All you are left with after a yoga session is the feeling of activeness and relaxation.

So if you truly want to save time, and money, and make yourself feel great; yoga is the way to go. A healthy body with a sound mind is what it provides. The benefits of yoga listed above are foolproof and will absolutely be visible when you regularly practice it.

Tell us in the comments below about the most effective yoga poses which helped you so far.

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