15 Reasons Why Starbucks Is So Popular

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Reasons Why Starbucks Is So Popular

Starbucks is ever-present. Ever wondered why?

In addition to rendering a good atmosphere and coffee, the brand also has an impressive display of things to provide in the cafe, being one of the few reasons why people love Starbucks. They offer numerous things to keep their customers occupied, such as coffee beans, coffee makers, coffee cups, and arguably some of the best coffee thermos.’

The brand has become an inherent part of American culture and is taking over the world. The coffee they provide is refreshing, the temperature is very cordial, and the music always slaps. It’s not possible to deny that Starbucks is very popular all over the world.

15 Reasons Why Starbucks Is So Popular

1. The Ambience

Besides providing coffee drinks and food variations, Starbucks’ ambience is very cozy and homely. By now, most of the customers already know what they want when they enter the heavy glass doors.

2. Speciality Beverages

The sweet syrups, chocolate, and cream present in speciality drinks make the coffee taste too good. Caramel latte, Frappuccinos, Pumpkin Spice Latte, Pink Drink are some sweet-flavoured drinks that have acquired Starbucks a hard-core customer base.

3. A Place For Everyone

This is the place everyone goes to for superior coffee that will help you power throughout the day. But coffee is not the only option on their menu. It also carries a small choice of food items and plenty of coffee-free beverages, making them more neighbourly to children and snack-searchers.

4. The Brand

Successfully, Starbucks has placed itself as a luxury brand that nearly everyone can afford. Its products are often treated as a reward with its Italian names, irresistible interior, and prices on the upper side.

5. Name On The Cups

The thought of writing the customers’ names on their cups and reading out them loudly all around the room proved to be clever and straightforward, an attraction that has several people walking through the doors for their two seconds of fame. And the gag of always misspelling the names? Even if it started as and remained honest mistakes, the mistakes proved to be a genius strategy to attract more repeat customers.

6. Starbucks Stores

Apart from providing a great coffee, and a comfortable atmosphere, Starbucks offers a large category of products: coffee beans, coffee makers, thermoses, mugs, and a lot more. As a result, it has made itself a one-stop coffee shop.

7. Free Wi-Fi

Free Wi-Fi is another part of their beautiful success story. With the arrival of the internet, many people work from home; the best way to cope with isolation is to spend your day working at a café. However, during the pandemic, it is crucial to stay alert. Opt for takeaways or order in instead of stepping out socially.

8. Freshly Brewed Coffee

Baristas at Starbucks handle four batches of coffee beans simultaneously, rotating each at fifteen minutes intervals, never letting them sit for more than thirty minutes. They also provide a well-grooved regimen for iced tea, iced coffee, and pastries to ensure that everything is offered fresh.

9. The Best Place To Study And Work

Starbucks is one of the best places to study and work. You can enjoy your coffee and cookies and make yourself comfortable in the quiet atmosphere. You can always find it simple to study/work and focus here than at the comfort of your home because everyone is almost always doing the same, and there is a slim to none chance that loud conversations of clanging vessels will disrupt you.

10. Starbucks And Celebrities

A lot of people might have observed that celebrities frequently take pictures with coffee from Starbucks. As you surf through any news site, you’ll find paparazzi shots of stars holding the iconic coffee cups. That is precisely why the company does not have to pay celebrities to promote their brand; they do it for free.

11. Round Tables

Starbucks has little round solo tables which make you feel comfortable, which means even if you’re alone, you won’t feel alone and can take pleasure in your cup of coffee. In addition, round tables make for an adorable design.

12. Employee Health Insurance

Starbucks offers its employees a freehearted bundle of welfare, including health care for employees who work 20 or more hours per week. According to some sources, they spend $300 million yearly on healthcare which is more than they spend on coffee beans.

13. Mobile App

Starbucks launched its app in 2011. This app gives customers the power to order, pay for, and pick up their drinks without standing in a queue. The app was a grand success. By 2016, customers made more than one-fifth of Starbucks’ transactions online.

14. Music

On entering Starbucks, you will hear good, pleasant music. The best part about this is that the same song is playing in all of the Starbucks’ shops. You can even buy yourself a CD listen to your favourite music at home.

15. Social Media

Starbucks joined social media in 2008 and has controlled the industry on account of that. Starbucks’ activeness on social media describes coffee as something to share with friends and family. Regularly, Starbucks calls attention to one-to-one promotions, which successively leads to exceeding social media engagement through likes, mentions, and comments.

Starbucks is an experience that you do not want to miss out on. So even if you do find it a little out of your price range, treat yourself to some Starbucks at least once, preferably with someone experienced in the game. You will not regret it.

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