6 Reasons why South Korea should be on your Travel List


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Reasons Why South Korea Should Be Your Next Travel Destination

South Korea is a hot and happening destination. Right from Korean dramas to Korean music, the country is always buzzing with the latest trends. Amidst the music, fashion, skincare, and electronics, South Korea is a picturesque and scenic country that might just leave you wanting to come back again and again.

6 Reasons why South Korea should be on your Travel List

1. South Korea’s Historical attractions galore

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Filled with a rich history and culture, South Korea offers a great balance between modernity and history. The latter has been one of the biggest attractions in the country, with the world heritage sites kept in shape for tourist attractions. Some of the palaces include:

a) Changdeokgung Palace, Seoul. Built during the Joseon Dynasty.

b) Gyeongju Historical Sites. The largest outdoor museum.

c) Yangdong and Hahoe villages of the Joseon Dynasty. The beautiful landscape that these villages posed around the 14th-15th century (the time it came into being) has been the subject of a lot of poetry and art.

2. Street Food Culture in South Korea

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The country’s culture can be found in their cuisine. Spicy, tangy and filling, street food in this country is an experience by itself. People throng the streets to eat some of the snacks and dishes the country has to offer. From chicken on skewers to kimchi (spicy pickled cabbages), tteokbeokki (spicy rice cakes) seafood pancakes, the streets of Seoul have something to tingle your taste buds in the best way possible.

3. Trendy Cafés and their Café culture

943 king's cross cafe
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If you’re a fan of the café aesthetic, South Korea has a lot to offer in that aspect. Their café culture is incredible and filled with yummy food in aesthetic settings. From fancy drinks with snazzy names to yummy cakes, their cafes will amplify your Instagram feed by miles! There exist themed cafes, like 943 Kings Cross in Hongdae that is inspired by Harry Potter. With so much like this packed in Seoul, you are bound to have fun hopping from one café to another!

4. South Korea’s Entertainment industry

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Of course, one of the many and if not, most vital reasons for large tourist attractions has been the entertainment industry. The Korean music industry has expanded its market globally. K-dramas have also captured the heart of many. Korean pop music has allowed fans to virtually experience life in South Korea, but travelling to the home country of such a phenomenon adds to the thrill of it all. Major entertainment companies have opened their doors for fans to immerse themselves into the K-pop experience. Loaded with cafes and gift shops, entertainment companies just know how to get you to spend your money.

5. South Korea as a Skincare paradise

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South Korea is arguably leading the skincare race and we’re absolutely loving it. South Korea’s skincare, dubbed as ‘K-Beauty’ is an extensive regimen people follow to achieve a glowing, healthy, glass-like skin. The beauty industry alone brings in a lot of tourists, with spas and other amenities that take you one step closer towards healthy skin. With brands like Innisfree already changing the game in India, it’s safe to say that we’ll be seeing a rise in K-Beauty products over the coming years.

These 5 reasons don’t capture the beauty of South Korea alone. Jeju Island and Lotte World are among many other honorable mentions that didn’t make it to the list. South Korea has a beautiful nightlife, if you’re one for clubbing, but that can be another post since there are foreigner specific clubs/bars you’ll be allowed into.

With that said, I hope this list at least puts into perspective how colorful and culturally rich South Korea is. There are tons of things to do in the country that you can keep yourself busy and engrossed in.

Thank you, or as they say in Korean, 감사합니다!

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