Reasons Why Self-Exploration Is The Best Thing You Can Do

Quick question; Has it ever happened to you that when someone asks you, “what is something that makes you happy?” you become entirely blank?! Now, not that this is wrong, but if yes, then maybe, just maybe, we have to learn about self-exploration.

So, What Actually Is Self-Exploration?

Self-exploration. The word itself suggests two things, ‘self’ and ‘exploration.’ Literally, Self means thyself or when a person refers to themselves. And exploration, or ‘to explore,’ means to thoroughly examine a subject or the act of inspecting something which has not been visited before. Putting these two words together would give us- “the act of getting to know oneself.” Some people also know Self-exploration by the name of Self -Awareness.

It might sound something quite basic, but are we always aware of ourselves? About what we want, how we feel, etc.? Even if the answer is a yes, there are times where we suppress ourselves or feel confused. Those times, my friend, are your cue to look into yourself and find out what is it that you actually want or how do you really feel.

We tried to enlist some reasons to know how being self-aware will help you and how you can practice more self-exploration in your life.

Importance Of Self-Exploration And How It Will Help You

1. It Would Help In Making Better Career Choices

Think about it. Knowing what work is it that you would happily want to do for the rest of your life. Amazing, right?

But this is only possible when you spend some time with yourself and try to figure out what actually makes you happy, fulfilled, and excited. It all comes down to one point, introspection. It is essential to know where you like working better, at a bank or in front of a camera.

2. You Get To Know Yourself Better.

Once we sit with ourselves and ponder our thoughts and ONLY on ourselves, we will get a better idea of who we really are. What we like and dislike, what our real personalities are and what we aspire for. You will eventually care less about what others think of you and be freer.

Self-analysis will make your thoughts calmer, and obviously, you will get to know yourself more. And that is one of the many important things in this world. Because, how can we expect someone else to know us for who we are if we can’t figure it out?!

3. Helps You Love Yourself More

When you know yourself, chances are you will love yourself because, let me tell you, my friend, no one can care about you as much as you can. When you can realize what you are worthy of, you will see the good in you.

There is something good in everyone; we just have to see that. But don’t see good only in others, give some love to yourself too. Because if you won’t, then who will?

4. You Can Stand Up For Yourself More Often

When you have your thoughts figured out and are well aware of what you are capable of, you will emerge as a stronger person. When you start believing in yourself, you will start standing up for yourself, too, without the fear of any judgment.

5. Improved Decision Making

This can be something as simple as “what do you want for dinner” or something as complex as “what major do you want to pursue” but the decision making is equally important in both of the said cases because somewhere or the other, this decision will make you feel satisfied and happy.

When we know what we want, we just do… but to get there, one must contemplate their lives and all its aspects.

6. Enhanced Self-Confidence

Well, obviously, when we know ourselves for who we really are and what we want, our self-confidence boosts like anything! If we are sure about something, we will do it with a positive outlook.

Self-exploration is a journey to reach that positive outlook we look forward to.

How To Practice Self-Exploration

Although this is something you can do as you please, but the following are some ways through which you can try to be more aware:

1. Find A Space And Time

Sure, we all have busy lifestyles, but it won’t harm us if we take out 10 minutes every day for self-exploration. For this, sit without doing anything and try to channelize our thoughts. Just focus on yourself for this while. Meditation is considered one the most effective methods of self-exploration.

2. Maintain A Journal

When the words in our mouths fall short, picking a pen and paper proves to be extremely helpful.

Try writing about your innermost state. Share the things you otherwise won’t. A personal journal is a very private affair; make sure you are candid in it. After all, remember, you are sharing them with yourself. 

3. Be Present In The Present

Okay, maybe it isn’t easy to always do this. So, start by doing this with simpler things, like eating. Enjoy the food. Observe, notice and appreciate the little things in life. This will help you feel positive and eventually good about yourself.

4. Ask For Feedback

No, not from a stranger or anyone! Someone who you trust. Who you think knows you better than anyone else. It could be your childhood best friend, your significant other, relative, anyone you can rely on. Listen carefully to what they have to say, and act upon it. Try seeing yourself from their perspective.

It is never too late for self-exploration. If you are unhappy, try and figure out why is that so. What will make you happy? The answer to a problem is not in a dilemma; it’s in its quest.

No pressure. Start where you are. Start whenever and wherever you want to. But do start this journey of getting to know yourself better. Your future self will thank you for this.

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