6 Reasons Why Make-Up Is For Everyone

If a person walks down a street with a face full of make-up, what are the chances that they will not be called out for that? Close to zero.

People are and have constantly been shamed for wearing “too much make-up.” They even face unnecessary trolling on the internet for not showing their “natural self,” as if the sole reason why anyone applies make-up is so that they can conceal their identity.

Interestingly, the term ‘make-up’ or ‘dressing up has always been associated with women. Many men and women simply assume that applying makeup is feminine and only a women’s area of interest, and the so-called masculine people of our society, or our male counterparts, have nothing to do with it.

Men Or Women, Make-Up Is A Personal Choice!

Men wearing make-up is still taboo and considered a big NO-NO in society. It is no surprise then that when women face so much flak for wearing make-up, the amount of trolling and hate that comes a man’s way for showing even the slightest interest in fashion is met with severe hostility.

One person among so many who has faced a lot of hatred in the recent time for supporting men’s make-up is Ankush Bahuguna, an actor and content creator. With over 6 lakh followers on Instagram, Ankush shared a post on his account where he admitted to wearing make-up. After that, his comments section was filled with the most horrible things. People couldn’t accept a “man” talking about make-up so openly. But this didn’t stop Ankush. Ignoring all the hatred that he was receiving, he started his Instagram page on make-up called ‘Wing It with Ankush’!

It takes a lot of courage to speak about something of such intensity and that on a social platform. And it’s commendable that Ankush has used his power as an Instagram influencer to talk about this issue. In his words, “Make-up is for everyone. And everyone deserves to be accepted.”

Now, talking about reasons why people like to wear make-up, the reasons are innumerable. As many people there are to like or wear make-up, that many reasons. Here I’ve tried to list some of them below:

6 Reasons Why Make-Up Is For Everyone

1. Hides What People THINK Are Their Flaws

Every skin, no matter the gender or age, may have some unevenness to it. And although having flaws doesn’t make anyone less beautiful, but if concealing them gives a person happiness then, so be it!

Maybe for some, concealing that pimple on their forehead is something that would fix their mood for the day. Who are we to judge them anyway!

2. Accentuates Their Beauty

People like to flaunt their features, and what better way than good make-up to highlight or enhance their most beautiful features? For some of us, just a simple wing of eyeliner can make our eyes stand out. Similarly, a tint of pink on the lips can make someone realize how pretty they are!

3. Therapeutic Activity For Some

Just like baking or gardening is therapeutic for some people. Similarly, make-up is a relaxing and soothing exercise for some other people. It is like painting but on the face! And we all know how relaxing painting can be. For some, it is that rainbow-colored eyeshadow they apply, which is relaxing, for some trying new shades of lipsticks.

Makeup No-Makeup Look for Pimple Sk...
Makeup No-Makeup Look for Pimple Skin
4. Boosts Confidence

For a lot of people applying make-up helps boost their confidence. The amount of make-up can vary from person to person. Some may feel confident by just applying an eyeliner, while some others feel confident to face the world only after proper make-up. So, people do whatever makes them feel good about themselves.

5. Creative And Fun Activity

For some people, make-up is no less than art. It is a way for them to channel their inner creativity and feelings. They like to show their artistic and aesthetic side through make-up.

And art is gender neutral, isn’t it?

6. A Way Of Self-Love

In this world where most people bring others down, the only person who can love you unconditionally is you! Everyone is beautiful no matter what, but if wearing make-up makes someone happy, and be kind to themselves, where’s the issue!?

The above were just a few reasons why people are attracted to make-up. But which of the reasons shout that make-up is for women only?! None of them! Or which reason says that men can’t highlight their beauty or feel confident with make-up?! Again, not one!

So, if there is no parameter to feel beautiful, why is there a restriction on feeling beautiful.

The world has enough hatred already without people trying to spread more. If someone wants to feel good about themselves by applying make-up, be the one to support them and not put their morale down.

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