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Lucky are those who have best friends in their lives. Imagine you have someone in your life who possesses all the qualities of a best friend in the true sense of the term. How would that be? Wouldn’t that be amazing? Let me introduce you to your best friend, i.e. books.

Sure, a book can never replace a human, but they’re still one of the best things that can happen to a person, and here’s why.


1. Characters

Books will introduce you to characters with whom you can relate so well; it’s almost scary. They will make you fall in love with them. Books will introduce you to many other friends with whom you can chat, giggle and share your feelings. For example- J.K. Rowling’s “Harry Potter” will give you three amazing friends – Harry, Ron, and Hermione who show what friendship means and what are the things one should do to preserve this beautiful relationship. Characters will light up your world or darken it; that is how brilliant the power of books is.

2. Pure Knowledge That Always Helps

Whenever one is talking to their best friend, they find themselves hearing new perspectives and being enlightened. Conversations between friends are not just fun and light but also deep and intellectually stimulating. That knowledge is a gem, a simple word that everybody needs to know in their lives. Books do the same. Whenever you read a book, you’ll get some pure knowledge to guide you throughout your life.

3. Does Not Question Anything

Imagine you had an awful day, you’re feeling low, and all you need is to be distracted. Picking a book up at such times is the best thing to do. There are no questions about what you did and where you went wrong; there is the only comfort. A book will comfort you as much as, or perhaps more than your friends could.

4. Makes You Smarter

I think you can relate to what I am going to say right now. Does your best friend not provide you with as much information from veritable things? I know your answer is yes. Books also do this with everybody. They make you rich with their vast knowledge, always to feel ready for any question and appear to be the intelligent person you are.

5. Never Leaves You

Be it your happy moment or a sad one; you will find books with whom you can share your emotions, just as you do with your best friend.

6. Builds Your Personality

Best friends always push you to be the best version of yourself. Books provide an array of life-changing qualities through character development which helps you assess your qualities and look deep within yourself, leading to growth and improvement.

7. Accept You The Way You Are

Books will indeed make you feel better. But there are times when they will help you to express your emotions. They will present themselves according to your needs. If you want to cry to express your sorrow, stories in books will help you oust your suppressed emotions.

8. Make Your Communication Skills Better

When you are continuously speaking and sharing your thoughts with your best friend, you’ll gain the confidence to talk to others; your best friend will encourage you to do so. Likewise, all the vocabulary and knowledge you will acquire from books will induce confidence to communicate with others and make a witty conversation.

9. You Visit Different Places From Home

Would you not be happy if you get a chance to visit the corners of the world with your best friend? I know you would be. Trust me when I say that books being your best friend will make you visit the world and let you know about the different people of different places and their different cultures. Books will take you on an enjoyable ride. I can bet on that.

10. Makes You Feel Attached

I am sure that this always happens to you that whenever you’re meeting with your best friend you don’t want to leave their company, you would love to prolong your meeting in any way. You’ll feel this exact feeling with some books also. If you pick that book, you’ll be unable to put down that book, and even when you finish reading, you cry, cursing the fact that all things must end.

Forming attachments is a vital part of life that helps you hone relationships and deal with emotions, something books help you get started with.


These and several other reasons are why books can be the best friends you could ever have. They entertain you, keep you happy, sad and teach you valuable lessons.  

So go on, grab a book and get bonding!

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