11 Reasons to Try Short Hairstyles

Shreya Jain

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Reasons to Try Short Hairstyles

Oh! How most of us have wanted those long, luscious hair like our favorite Disney princess! Irrespective of gender, long hair can look amazing if well-maintained.

Some of us would still advocate that “long hair is feminine” “a woman should have long hair” or “long hair isn’t for men” and all. Well, let’s clear it once and for all, no one gets to decide how someone else likes to keep their hair.

However, we love a beautiful, Rapunzel vibe, and long hair moment going on, but we can all agree that short hair has its own charm and is no less gorgeous!!

You decide what you want. But short hair is totally in trend these days. Here’s why short hair is a little more practical, and why you can try shorter hairstyles.

11 Reasons to Try Short Hairstyles

1. Less maintenance

Okay, we are amidst a pandemic. There are already too many things that demand being taken care of. And it is no secret that long hair is likely to need more maintenance than shorter ones.

Along with this for taking care of long hair, one has to do a number of chores and intense oiling, because no one wants those dead ends, right? And let’s not even come to talk about how difficult and painful their detangling could be!

Short hair on the other hand gives you the merit of easy detangling (they tangle hardly ever in the first place), split eds are a rare sight and there is less chance for heat damage! Furthermore, oiling and washing them is way less energy-consuming.

2. Less spending on hair products

I mean let us all agree that those professional shampoos, oils and conditioners can cost a fortune! But because of less volume, the expenditure on hair products is reduced. This is because apparently, there will be a smaller amount of shampoo that goes in. Hence, you are likely to have more savings in your hand by the month’s end!

Moreover, if you plan to buzz your hair off, you will save even more time and money than get in hair styling!

3. You are always ‘on-the-going’

If you have had below shoulder-length hair, I think you will agree that styling it could be frustrating and time-consuming.

Thankfully, this is not what happens with short hair. You can easily style them up by throwing a small ponytail, wearing a cute headband, or leaving them be and you will still look fresh and cute! Basically, with short hair, you are always good to go!

P.S. This does not mean that short haircuts have limited styling options.

4. Will let you get through the warm weather, easily

If you live in a tropical or a country with ever ever-changing climate, you can agree that that those summer months can be exhausting and let’s face it, perspiring. If you have had long hair in the summer months, we have all been there where we would want to shave our heads off on some days!

Short hair can make our lives easier in these times. They won’t cause immense sweat in the back of your neck and won’t stick in there! I bet you will feel (and be) cooler than ever with a bob, a pixie, or a buzzcut!

5. Change is important

I know it could be difficult to make changes, but it is something we cannot run away from and undoubtedly, it is something that we all need. Hair is a very minor thing, to be honest. No matter what anyone says, believe me, your hair can never define you.

If you want to start afresh or work on changing an aspect of your life, starting with your hair is not a bad idea. Most importantly, it will grow back.

Change always has to be bad, right?

6. Empowering

There is something about getting a haircut or a new style that boosts the adrenaline in us! Come on, it can’t be just me!!

It feels like realizing that our hair do not define us. That none of us “needs” hair to be seen as “masculine” or “feminine”.

After this, you will feel more confident and comfortable!

7. It is exciting

Imagine the looks on the faces of your family and friends when they see you with your new hair. Not sure if it is the surprise element that will be more exciting or the fact that IT IS A NEW YOU!

It is a new and fresh look! Don’t we all crave the dopamine rush of a flattering surprise?

8. Low dandruff

We all know that scalp nourishes hair and provides it with all the necessary oils. Long hair would obviously require more of this nourishment. As more oils get transferred to the lengths, the scalp faces a shortage. This causes dryness and serves a home for dandruff.

Apparently, going for a chop in such a case will be highly beneficial as there will be an appropriate amount of oils for your scalp as well as your lengths.

9. Hair will look healthier

With those dead ends gone, your hair will look prettier, and healthier and there will be more bounce in your hair. Your face will also be accentuated.

Besides, you will feel more confident, maybe not right away after the cut, but give it a week. And there is nothing healthier than a self-confident person.

10. Could be your style statement

Men or women, short hair looks very complimenting. Moreover, they can add a hint of elegance to any outfit. Plus, you can show off your jewelry better! 

11. You will feel light-headed

Do you know that that big bun on the top of your head can be heavy enough to strain your neck? And I’m sure, you feel weighed down at times because of all that volume up there. This is one more reason to chop those locks off.

Short hair will give you more movement and a stronger neck so you can always look up!

All we are saying is, that you are beautiful with whatever you do, therefore, it is okay to try little changes here and there. And hair is a great way to experience it, because in the end, it is just hair, it grows back!

So, don’t be afraid to try new hairstyles, go ahead and cut that extra weight off your head. They are hiding your beautiful face anyway. 🙂