6 Reasons To Start Learning Ballet As An Adult

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A ballerina is the first thing that comes to mind when someone says “aesthetic.” And why would it not? They are beautiful, elegant, and move on their tippy-toes with so much ease. When you are young, you notice the flowy tutu and the beauty of it all first. But as you grow up, you realize the amount of hard work, dedication, pain, and sweat that goes into the smallest ballet move. And yet, we are still drawn to it. 

Ballet is known to be the most strenuous physical activity, so much so that it is considered a sport before an art form. Ballet can be pretty challenging. That is one of the things that makes it so tempting. And yes, adulthood itself comes with a lot of challenges. But it’s never too late to follow your heart. Or your feet!


We always hear about professional ballet dancers starting their career in dance from the time they learned how to walk. Is it disheartening? Does it seem like it is too late for you to follow the same path? There’s still hope! Here is why starting ballet, whether to finally start a dance career or to simply have fun while fulfilling your lifelong dream, as an adult rocks: 

6 Reasons To Start Learning Ballet As An Adult

1. Lesser Injuries

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Yes, children are known to be quite flexible, significantly more than adults. That does not mean they are less susceptible to injuries. In fact, children’s bones are not fully formed. Hence, the smallest of mistakes can lead to a long-lasting injury. Poor technique can lead to the deformation of the bone.

Adult bones are fully formed, comparatively stronger, and less likely to fracture from all the movements that put pressure on the joints and ligaments.

2. Faster Progress

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Adults learn faster. That is a fact. They grasp new concepts quicker and more clearly, thanks to their developed cognitive function and deeper understanding. They are motivated by internal factors, like improving their mind-body coordination, self-esteem, achieving their goals, or simply fulfilling their long life dream. This allows them to be more motivated and learn new things faster than a child or adolescent, who are driven by external factors such as approval from their peers, winning a prize, and achieving appraisal from their parents.  

3. A Fun Workout Routine 

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Everyone has a different outlook on going to the gym and working out. Some love it, and some find it boring. Who can blame them? Spending hours every day of every week doing the same tedious, repetitive exercises can get really monotonous really fast. As an adult, you can’t afford to waste your time on something that you know will make you feel miserable as time goes on. That is what a job and relationships are for. 

The challenging body movements combined with grace, flexibility, and agility give way to a dynamic array of routines that change with progress. This allows you to have fun and maintain a healthy physique at the same time! 

4. Stress Relief

Source – Dancemagazine

Adult life is quite stressful. And sometimes, it is difficult to indulge in something that one can call a hobby or something that allows releasing any stress or frustration. Ballet is not only good for the body but also for the mind and soul. If you are genuinely passionate about it, it will be a safe space for you to escape all of life’s problems and just concentrate on what you are good at and what you can improve.  

5. You Are Independent

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Let’s face it; this is what every child dreams of. Independence, not relying on others, not having to answer to a grown-up, and getting what you want when you want it. And if you really want to learn ballet, you should not have to wait for someone else to achieve it. Younger students rely on their elders to sign up for classes, get dropped off at the academy, and plan their schedule throughout the day.

6. You Are Financially Sound

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One of the biggest setbacks that young ballet students face is money. They are required to look to their parents and/or relatives for financial support and give up anything that comes in the way of them learning ballet. Shoes, clothes, physiotherapy, and the classes themselves cost a fortune, and many students drop out of school or turn to homeschool to be committed to their passion. Adults have the luxury of being financially independent and do not need to give something up to accommodate ballet as a part of their lives.

Get out there and be the ballerina you always wanted to be. There is nothing to hold you back. Besides, age is just a number, right?

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