World’s Top 5 Peaceful Countries – Know About Them Through This Quiz!


    Whenever your mind requires to fly off to someplace peaceful for a getaway, keep into consideration the top 5 peaceful countries in the world. They offer a vast number of attractions and beautiful scenarios that will cool off your mind for at least certain years.

    Take a quiz to see how much you know about them!

    • Question of

      What feature about Iceland is considered the most elegant and peaceful?

      • Waterfalls
      • Forests
      • Beaches
    • Question of

      Which of these places is known for its magnificent castles and museums?

      • Naples
      • Denmark
      • Delhi
    • Question of

      What other than peace and happiness attracts tourists to Austria?

      • Art Galleries
      • It’s Festivities
      • Chocolates and Music
    • Question of

      Which of these countries offer uncountable amount of activities and breathtaking views?

      • New Zealand
      • Afghanistan
      • Argentina
    • Question of

      Besides being the fifth most peaceful place in the world, what else does Switzerland have

      • Mountains and Multiculturalism
      • Gardens
      • Amusement Parks and Canyons
    • Question of

      Which country is considered the most peaceful country in general?

      • Iceland
      • Switzerland
      • Canada
    • Question of

      Which country invented the ‘Lego’?

      • Morocco
      • Norway
      • Denmark
    • Question of

      Austria is called the ‘capital of _______ music’?

      • Jazz
      • Pop
      • Classical
    • Question of

      Which country is the fourth most peaceful country in the world and also the first to see the sunrise?

      • Colombia
      • New Zealand
      • France
    • Question of

      Which country produces the most chocolate in the world?

      • Switzerland
      • Italy
      • Russia

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