What Kind Of Parent Are You/Will Grow Up To Be?


    If you ever wonder how you’re gonna turn out as a parent and what you would do/will do in a parenting situation, this is the quiz to take! Get to know what you’re coming off as and what others think of you.

    • Question of

      What would/do you do if your child wants to go on a trip?

      • Make all arrangements and safety measures
      • Refuse to let them go on a trip until he goes off to college
      • Educate them about the journey and safety measures and let them make a decision
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      What would be/is your first step when you sit to help your child with their homework?

      • Ask them why he cannot do it and explain to him where he’s going wrong
      • Yell at them for not paying attention in school
      • Ask them to go through his books and figure out a solution on his own
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      What would/do you do if you find out your child is dating someone?

      • Put a stop to it right then
      • Try to protect them and ask to meet the person they were dating
      • Let them live a life of their own and not interfere
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      What would/do you do if your child asks to eat out at a restaurant?

      • Refuse and say there is food at home
      • Make a certain limit and eat out only according to it
      • Do what makes your child happy
    • Question of

      What were you to do if your child asked for a new cell phone?

      • Refuse and say children waste time on phones
      • Get them a phone and put certain restrictions
      • Get them whatever they want as long as they’re happy
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      What would/do you do if you were called at school for your child?

      • Talk to them and explain why it was wrong to do what they did
      • Punish them to make sure it does not happen again
      • Forget whatever happened and take them out to get things off their head
    • Question of

      What would/do you do if your child got hurt and came to you seeking for comfort?

      • Get angry and you like them were doing whatever caused it
      • Be gentle along with trying to explain what not to do in the future
      • Be frivolous and tell them it’ll get better
    • Question of

      What would/do you do if your child failed at something?

      • Be enraged and tell them they did not prepare enough
      • Tell them they’ll get a lot of opportunities in life and they should not stop working hard
      • Tell them maybe the opportunity was not meant for them and they should give up
    • Question of

      What if your child succeeded at something?

      • Buy them a present and take them out
      • Act like it was no big deal
      • Congratulate them and appreciate their work
    • Question of

      What would/do you do if you find out that your child was drinking or doing drugs?

      • Be cool about it and approve of it
      • Be furious and throw them out of the house
      • Be worried and tell them what they did was wrong

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