Do You Act Your Age? Let’s Find Out With This Quick Trivia!


    Are you a ‘mom’ friend, or do you have to be reminded to eat something apart from ice cream for dinner. Find out how mature you are with this fun quiz!

    • Question of

      In your friend group you are considered –

      • The baby, who needs help with everything
      • The mom, who helps everybody
    • Question of

      If you had to make dinner for yourself, you would –

      • Grill some prawns, make a nice cole sala
      • Grab a spoon and a pint of ice cream while you binged TV shows
    • Question of

      What time are you in bed on schoolnights?

      • Usually by 2 am
      • 10 on the dot
    • Question of

      Do you make your bed every morning?

      • Of course yeah
      • Are you out of your mind? Nope
    • Question of

      How would you react if you fought with your best friend?

      • Call her up and arrange a sit down sesh.
      • Block her on Instagram.
    • Question of

      What’s your favorite thing about holidays?

      • Quality time with loved ones
      • Presents!
    • Question of

      If you got extra pocket money this month, what would you do?

      • Spend it on shopping
      • Save it
    • Question of

      How clean is your bedroom?

      • Haha, I have a storage chair that looks like a ghastly figure in the dark
      • My clothes are crisply folded and stored away in the wardrobe
    • Question of

      How would you spend your weekends?

      • Go partying
      • Watch a movie
    • Question of

      What would you do if you minorly cut your finger?

      • Get first aid myself
      • Make everyone in the house aware of my situation

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