5 Questions To Find Your Dominant Personality Trait From The Big Five Test

Psychologists Robert Mc Crae and Paul Costa concluded that they can categorize any human into 5 personality traits. These traits describe the way we see our world and also ourselves, internally. Let’s find out which trait you most vibe with, shall we?

  • Question of

    What would you do if your friends asked you to join them on a difficult trek?

    • Agree only because you have done this before
    • Not comfortable but still say ‘Yes’, because that’s what friends do!
    • Nice chance to meet so many new people
    • No. because it’s very dangerous and senseless
    • Never done before but won’t hurt to learn
  • Question of

    What would you choose when you have a project deadline but there’s also a long weekend ahead?

    • Finish the project no matter what, even if it requires weekend-working
    • Work over the weekend only if the leader asks you to
    • Not miss out on a beach vacation because of a project
    • Work on the project but keep cribbing about the missed vacation
    • Work on the project only if it is something new or else goes on vacation
  • Question of

    Which sport would you like to play the most?

    • Played before and good at
    • Go with what others suggest
    • Any sports which involve teamwork
    • Who even has time for sports?
    • Ready for anything
  • Question of

    What kind of music would you like in a pub?

    • Similar to a personal playlist
    • I’m okay with any music my group likes
    • Don’t care about music, lets party!
    • Pubs are boring
    • Music should match the vibe
  • Question of

    What you think about the most in your free time?

    • Work and plan for the next project
    • If everyone likes me?
    • Who to call next?
    • Recalling embarrassing moments
    • Next adventure or hobby

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