Can The Modern Thinker Pass This Basic Philosophy Quiz?


    “Do not fear to be eccentric in opinion, for every opinion now accepted was once eccentric.”
    ― Bertrand Russell

    • Question of

      Which school of Philosophy propagates that obtaining pleasures is the chief good in life?

      • Positivism
      • Existentialism
      • Epicureanism
      • Panpsychism
    • Question of

      Arrange in the correct order, from teacher to his student:

      • Aristotle→ Socrates→ Plato
      • Socrates→ Plato→ Aristotle
      • Plato→ Aristotle→ Socrates
      • The philosophers mentioned do not share a student-teacher relationship
    • Question of

      What is Empiricism?

      • The theory that knowledge is based on pure logic.
      • The theory that knowledge can be only derived from sensory experiences.
      • The theory that knowledge is inessential for living a fulfilling life
      • The theory that knowledge is essential for living a fulfilling life.
    • Question of

      Which philosopher famously remarked: “I think, therefore I am.”?

      • Rene’ Descartes
      • Socrates
      • Thomas Aquinas
      • Plato
    • Question of

      What is referred to as the Socratic Method?

      • The practice of asking and answering questions to encourage critical thinking.
      • The practice of seeking verifications to supplement rational thinking.
      • The practice of assigning logic and reason to the different elements of being.
      • The practice of compartmentalizing emotions and feelings as a means to encourage indifference.
    • Question of

      The Indian school of philosophy Samkhya is dualist in nature. Its two components are:

      • Proof and Thought
      • Body and Spirit
      • Consciousness and Matter
      • Pleasure and Hardship
    • Question of

      If you shoulder pain and suffering without much indifference, you may be a follower of:

      • Rationalism
      • Positivism
      • Nihilism
      • Stoicism
    • Question of

      Identify one of the main proponents of the mystical Sufi Philosophy:

      • Nasir Khusraw
      • Muhammad ibn Zakariya al-Razi
      • Al-Ghazali
      • Sa’id Qumi
    • Question of

      Which Chinese military strategist-cum-philosopher authored the highly influential book ‘The Art of War’?

      • Zhu Xi
      • Wang Bi
      • Han Yu
      • Sun Tzu
    • Question of

      Which Russian-American writer developed the philosophical system of Objectivism?

      • Vladimir Nabokov
      • Ayn Rand
      • Joseph Brodsky
      • Igor Stravinsky

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