Are You An Optimist Or A Pessimist? Pick These TV Shows And We’ll Tell You!


    What are you as a person? Do you look at the bright side of things as a optimist? Or are you a person who sees things not on a bright side as a pessimist?

    Do you think you know which side do you belong to? Take this Quiz and find it out!

    • Question of

      Grey’s Anatomy or Shameless

      • Grey’s Anatomy
      • Shameless
    • Question of

      Stranger Things or Modern Family

      • Modern Family
      • Stranger Things
    • Question of

      Rick and Morty or Bojack Horseman

      • Rick and Morty
      • Bojack Horseman
    • Question of

      The 70s Show or Friends

      • Friends
      • The 70s Show
    • Question of

      Big Bang Theory or Seinfeld

      • Seinfeld
      • Big Bang Theory
    • Question of

      Pretty Little Liars or Riverdale

      • Pretty Little Liars
      • Riverdale
    • Question of

      Gossip Girl or Suits

      • Suits
      • Gossip Girl
    • Question of

      Game of Thrones or Breaking Bad

      • Game of Thrones
      • Breaking Bad
    • Question of

      One Tree Hill or Mind Hunter

      • Mind Hunter
      • One Tree Hill
    • Question of

      How I Met your Mother? or How to get Away with Murder?

      • How to Get Away with Murder
      • How I Met your Mother

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