5 Quick Hacks to Avoid Drama In Your Life

Life in general and social media to gives you drama. What you do with it is totally your call. 

Feel free to either gobble it or pass it on or both. Do you know what’s an even better alternative? Just letting drama pass through. 

Be the bigger person and transform your life into a sea of calmness by letting drama and ‘Tea’ as they call it nowadays just slide past you. 

There are people. Then there are choices to be made and then there is the foolishness they do. Combine all of these. The result? DRAMA. 

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Our society is jam packed with drama more than anything else. There are less values and Harmony and more of that drama that circulates around. 

Drama unravels in every story, every talk and every movement. We as a society value drama.

A clever way to yield money from drama? See all those reality tv series? That is a cunning way to make money, using all that drama. 

We take in gossip. 

We take all those saucy news.

But in turn there is one factor that we neglect. We take in all that negativity. Was is something you need? Practically not, but theoretically you know what comes along with the tittle tattle that goes around.

To avoid becoming a part of this vicious circle, there are ways that you can adopt and can lead you to a much stress free, drama free and an overall sorted life. 

5 Quick Hacks to Avoid Drama In Your Life

Let’s skip all the intro, get down to business, and explore how drama can be swept away.

1. Mind Your Own Business

This is not a taunt or a command. But seriously dude. Mind your own business! No it’s nothing rude but pure and simple hint that hintsoflife is bringing you. It’s just pure life lesson coming from a much drama-evolved soul in my backend! 

When you mind your own business, you become more and more aware of your own activities/thought process. In fact you get to become acquainted with your own true self.  When you move around drama or when drama moves around you, there is nothing productive happening. Just sheer time and energy wastage is all. 

Bottom line? Mind your own beeswax and walk your straight line. 

2. Don’t Pass It On

Want to eradicate drama on a personal and societal level?  Rub drama with clean clothes in its face mask and end it there and then.

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If there is a crack in your life through which drama can creep into your life, like that possessed girl coming out of the television set in the movie The Ring, then there is only one way to stop it. Stop it there and then. Don’t become a part of the tell tale circle. In short, don’t forward it to anybody else. This is a very easy way to put an end to those gossip and negativity.

3. Limit Yourself to a Few

Be exclusive dear! You are not for anybody and everybody. Become that drool-worthy LV bag. The outcome is a clean and neat circle. Limit and shut off those ones who will possibly bring in that negativity and drama. Pick and choose your people wisely and surround yourself with those who have not the slightest inkling of drama. Just be a peaceful soul and go about your jolly good way in an effin positive life. Inspire others to do good and be good.

4. Meditate

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This is a resolve that will fetch you quick results if there is excessive sudden drama or some dramatic situation that has taken place. Meditate and attain your zen. This will yield you the power to pull yourself out from drama’s clasps and even better you will come up with coping mechanisms. Life will always be filled with drama and loads of it will come your way like the plague. Its unavoidable (not completely though) but you can find your ‘happily ever after’ if you take some time to meditate and reflect on your thoughts and chant drama, drama begone! 

5. Stop and Say No

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If you feel that you are going to get involved in some deep sheez, or a hint that there is a major dramatic outcome to an action, then simply say NO and walk away. Nobody is going to rope you in without your consent. Even if they do, just find ways to redirect yourself to the correct spot. Don’t spread gossip, don’t do drama, and preach the good word. Make this plagued society a better place all together!

What Will I Get Out Of It?

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If still not clear on the pros of aborting drama in its conception then, we have a list prepared for you.

  • You get peace
  • You get more time to focus on your business
  • You get extra work done
  • You save energy 
  • You save yourself from becoming an everyday Kardashian
  • You get to bring about a change
  • You will find the company of like minded people who hate drama
  • You get to do something conducive
  • There will be a metamorphosis and you will transform yourself into a happy divine looking non dramatic butterfly. 


Have a much better solution we missed on how to avoid drama? We’d like to hear from you in the comments section below! 

Have a happy drama-less life folks.

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