5 Quick Hacks on How to Handle Rejection

Ever had the terrible experience of being let down or straightforwardly rejected? It’s a yucky feeling, to be honest, and hurts are equivalent to physical pain. Hintsoflife.com has faced rejection too. Time and again we all go through some sort of rejection. But take it with a pinch of salt because when life throws you lemons, make sure to whip up a lemonade. 

Rejection Staring You Down

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Within seconds your self-esteem goes down the drain when you face some kind of rejection. Rejection can be related to any sphere or field. Be it your personal or professional relationships, your school, or your job, there will come a time when a superior authority won’t confirm what you have to offer. Mark these words of gold by

What to Make of Rejection?

Take rejection at face value. It is essential. This is because when life pulls you down, instead of drowning, work to reach the surface. Obviously only if you want to survive! There will be people who will give you rejection plus a very hard time alongside. Your job is to get out of that negativity and move on. It is totally your call what you think about rejection. At first, it might be difficult to digest your rejection due to a three-lettered word called ‘ego’. This ego goes all defensive when it is questioned. The said defense mode turns on when you get slapped by rejection. Some folks go all ballistic due to it. Some others, stay calm and composed and try to absorb it. 

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Rejection is something entirely out of your hands. But your reaction as a consequence to it is within your grasp. Observe and analyze what your situation and circumstance need. Then act in accordance to it.

5 Quick Hacks on How to Handle Rejection

Your mentors, the people who you adore, all celebrities, politicians, business tycoons, extraordinary students, sports personalities have all battled their wars, won some, lost some, got rejected too but in the end have rise to their stature of grandeur. If not all, take one thing away that rising after that hard blow is what makes all the difference. Maybe there is someone who needs to hear this, spread and share the word!

1. Let It Sink In

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Take time to settle and be comfortable with the fact that you have been rejected. This is the first and foremost part of the process. Absorption is key to acquaint your true inner self to it. Only when you absorb an emotion, your logical conscience will begin its work and reason it out. After you have let it sink and absorb it, the mind will come into play. All emotions related to rejection will take a seat.

2. Learn From It A Little 

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It is only natural that you would try to figure out what went wrong. And where? It is absolutely necessary to do so too. This is called self-evaluation and is very crucial to personal growth. Figuring out where your endeavor lacked will yield some positive results. But too much self-criticism and self-loathing is not what learning from criticism is about. There is something to take back from every rejection.

3. Don’t Dwell On Rejection

Too much pondering on it will only make you hate yourself and nothing productive will come from it. There is a limit to construction critiquing, crossing this can lead to self-hatred. 

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Rehashing the rejection situation and its details piece by piece can make matters worse. You may feel bad that you already do and nobody but you alone will be responsible for it.

4. Move On

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It’s hard without a doubt; to get a fresh start. Redoing it all over again, especially when you have been turned down. It takes courage and sportsmanship to take charge again. Except for moving on and being better, there is no other option you have got left. Let the past be in the past and take a lesson from it, not sour memories. 

5. Cultivate Positivity and Zeal

Something as negative as rejection can be dealt with trucks full of positivity. Rebuild confidence in yourself and see the magic it does for your self-esteem. A positive attitude in such times will take you a long way. Whip some up by sharing how you feel with friends and family and ask for help when needed. Remember there is someone always out there to listen.

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