Punch And Break That Mental Block

Avneet Oberoi

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The universe throws many curve balls our way. One of these messed-up situations is when no matter what you do, the negative energy that blocks you up, results in a mental block. When this happens all your ingenious and imaginative skills just go to the window. Relatable enough? ‘Keep your shit together is the last thing you would like to hear. We are with you on this one. It is these times that frustrate even the most creative of people. Nothing feels straight or worthy. Virtual hugs to all of you going through it.

Why Does It Happen?

This is the most sought-after question people ask when things go haywire. Just stay persistent and hang in there. Mental blocks stand up mostly when our creative abilities are on a roll. Maybe you won’t be able to comprehend an easy as shelling peas situation. Or a certain thing won’t just enter your brain. Nothing is amiss with you. It is your body’s way of telling that you have reached a saturation point and need a BREAK.

What Kind Of A Break Can Really Help?

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A break is a tool we all can keep handy in case of a mental bock. At the moment when you decide to go for a break; just d-clutter your mind and your space where you sit too. Or even better just get up if you are sitting inside and go take a look out the window or balcony. Leave back your phone, book, laptop or anything extra. Your mental block is enough load for you to carry now.
Find something to hold onto both physically and internally. Make an attempt to clear you head. Don’t let any thoughts enter.
Only keep on repeating to yourself ‘I am Enough, I have Enough and I do Enough‘.
These positive words or any other which you can utter to yourself (speaking aloud is suggested) will make a huge impact. Cry if you feel too sentimental and get that negative energy out. Otherwise, you can also go through our ninja stress-busting techniques. It will surely help in some way.

What If You Can’t Afford a Break?

Taking a break in times of mental blocks is a convenient resolve. But what if this mental block happens before a momentous office meeting or the night before a big examination? Breaks don’t sound so good now do they? Carry out all or any one of these in such a case-

Drink Water

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Yeah you’ll need to pee often but drinking water quite often helps to a great extent and especially in a mental block. Water delivers extra oxygen to the body and more oxygen means more fuel the brain can function on.

Organize Your Setting

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They say that your setting defines your mental state. a disorganized study table or an office cubicle will block any and all positive energy coming your way. Try to be organize but don’t become a Monica.

Listen To Your Favorite Track Full Blast

Right here is the most tried and tested formula by many for a mental block. It is your quick fix because sometimes all your head needs to hear is something else other than those repetitive thoughts. Indulge yourself completely in the track you hear. Best thing is tap to them beats and let go of yourself.

Take a Quick Power Nap

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Power naps are highly effective. Most times mental breaks are due to lack of rest or sleep. a short sweet nap will recharge those brain cells like anything.

Have Coffee Or Tea

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Both tea and coffee contain some amount of caffeine. Coffee is more than tea. But the formula behind drinking coffee or tea in such toiling times of mental break is major to stimulate the nervous system.

Brainstorm While Walking

Sitting in a place also sometimes murders your vibes and thought process. Where you sit and in what posture matters. sitting in a spot for long wont do any favors to you mentally or physically. Be it office work or a school paper what makes you feel so worked up is maybe because you have imprisoned yourself in a spot. Get up, take your work along or not and walk briskly. This will allow your body and brain to ventilate a bit.

Some or all of these are bound to help you in times of a mental break. The only attempt of this article is to let anyone with a mental block know that he/she is not alone and can always reach out to people around. Its not cool to keep the bad or traumatic stuff only to yourself.

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