13 Professional Bags For Men And Women

Bags are one of the most sophisticated elements in day-to-day life. But when it comes to working purposes, Bags can be slightly different for different people. Some working people prefer professional but not too stuffy ones; others might look for bags with unique style, equipped with pockets. Therefore, finding a perfect bag that is chic yet can carry essentials is quite a task. Here are some recommendations one can follow to get the sassy work look!

13 Professional Bags For Men And Women

1. Tote Bag

Tote Bags are every woman’s favorite as they are large, reliable, and have ample storage to carry everything one needs. These professional bags are super comfortable with two parallel shoulder handles on either side. Tote bags can be carried daily, not only for work but also for any occasion, be it shopping or wandering around the city.

2. Shoulder Bag

Women always prefer the shoulder bag as it is comfortable and easier to carry. It looks like a handbag, but one must not confuse this with a tote bag. As the name suggests, these professional bags are meant to be carried on one shoulder. These are spacious as well as have zippered pockets, compartments, and a design of seal shut. Shoulder bags have a wide range of categories with differing sizes.

3. Satchel Bag

Satchel bags are classic professional bags that sort of look like an a-sided briefcase. These professional bags can be carried to work as well as on casual occasions. The long strap look gives a traditional outlook to the bag’s design, and it can be carried diagonally across one’s body. Satchel bags are roomier than the average handbag, and the shape is rectangular that comes with a flat bottom.

4. Bowler Bag

Bowler Bags are medium-sized fashionable yet professional bags that have short handles. The bag has the shape of a dome on the top which makes it fascinating. These retro-style bags are comfortable for carrying to the office or for going shopping. Bowler bags vary in various designs and are readily available in the market.

5. Hobo Bags

Hobo bags are comfortable, softer bags typically large in a crescent shape manner with a long strap to carry them over the shoulder. Hobo bags are easy to carry as it tends to slump when carried.  They are usually spacious with few pockets and have a regular sealed zipper. Hobo bags are a trend now with a plethora of sizes, designs, and colors.

6. Barrel Bags

Barrel Bags are cylindrical with medium to smaller in size. As the name denotes, the bags look like the shape of a barrel and have shorter shoulder straps with a reasonable amount of space inside. Barrel bags can be carried as per the occasion. The bag can be carried casually or formally, depending on the design one opts for.

7. Briefcase Bag

Briefcase bags are hard-covered professional bags that have excellent space inside. Men can carry laptops in these comfortable bags and other essentials daily to work. These bags are readily available everywhere and have various structures depending on the size.

8. Messenger Bags

Messenger bags are handy and comfortable bags with many pockets to keep things separate. The professional bag ranges in different colors and sizes as well. Messenger Bags can be carried anywhere and are readily available in the market.

9. Clutch Bag

Women usually carry clutches for minimal work purposes, but Clutch Bag is significant for men for their official purpose. These bags are comparatively smaller in size and have little pockets in them. Apart from official use, these bags can be used for casual purposes.

10. Holdall Bags

Holdall bags are usually trip bags that are spacious and can carry a huge number of items. Though these are trip bags, one can carry them to the office or for an office tour. Holdall bags are generally large in size with many pockets and can be carried with two handles. There is also a long handle for the ones who want to carry it along the shoulders. Holdall bags are also called Sports bags in British English as they can carry all the necessary equipment. Holdall bags vary in different sizes and structures.

11. Cross-Body Bag

Cross-Body Bags are highly impressive and fashionable in nature. These everyday bags are highly recommended unless one carries laptops. Otherwise, one can carry the necessary items in the compartments. Cross-Body bags are also known as Bumbag and are popular amongst women. However, recently men are also mastering the fashion world with the Bumbag. Cross-Body bags are relatively smaller in size with a long strap to hang around the shoulder. One can opt for true colors to use the Bumbag as a high fashion accessory.

12. Laptop Bags

Laptop Bags are unisex professional bags primarily designed to carry a laptop. A laptop bag is a typical bag for office-goers and has multiple compartments. Laptop bags are usually rectangular in shape, padded inside for the device, and are attached to a long strap to carry it on the shoulders. The bag also has two handles, and one can carry it like a suitcase too.

13. Backpacks

Backpacks are the most trending unisex bags that come in different structures and shapes. The big backpacks are not only comfortable for office-goers but also can carry devices and other essentials. For Women, Backpack purses are highly fashionable and gained prominence in recent times. A backpack purse is relatively smaller than the actual backpack and is more stylish in nature. Backpack purses are easy to carry and have few compartments, whereas a Backpack is ideal for an office or a tour.


Bags are an essential accessory; everyone has to carry a bag wherever they go.  But when it comes to office-goers, professional bags need to be handy and comfortable. The above-mentioned are the best-designed and functional bags that will make one’s commute easier and maintain the style statement in a more significant way.

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