15 Practices For Boosting Self Confidence

One thing that keeps us from being our best selves is fear. The root cause of this fear comes from nothing but self-doubt. Before anyone else throws shade on our aspirations, we ourselves start drowning in self-doubt. This alone is enough to make someone feel bad about themselves, and it is this that keeps people from doing what they are capable of.

We get so caught up in others’ perspectives on us; we tend to forget who we actually are. All of us undoubtedly have fear, and it is valid to have them. But it is not okay when these fears conquer our self-esteem and self-confidence.

The world will find a thousand ways to pull you down, but it is you who will pick yourself up and jump even higher! And it is your self-confidence that will allow you to do so. To appreciate yourself and feel valued.

15 Practices For Boosting Self Confidence

1. Get To Know Yourself

“Know yourself and you will win all battles.” – Sun Tzu

What are you good at? What all do you love to do? What type of people do you like? If you have negative thoughts, where are they coming from? Know your limitations and analyze whether they are really your limitations or started to grow only because you allowed them to?

Try finding answers to more such questions. Write them down. Go through them. Listen to your thoughts. Start believing in the good things in yourself. Find out what all makes you happy and fulfilled. Eventually, tailor your self-image and replace the invalid shortcomings with your realized strengths.

2. Grooming

This might be very simple and somewhat obvious, but sometimes just taking a shower and doing basic skincare makes all the difference! This little step improves how we would see ourselves in the mirror.

Besides, good grooming is a great way to feel elation in mood and happier.

3. Dress Nicely And Comfortably

Ever wondered why shopping is so much fun? Well, maybe because it is a method of self-care and because different clothes possess some kind of a power to make us feel differently.

There’s something about a nice, well-tailored pantsuit that would make the owner fall in love with themselves! Make sure to wear what makes you the most comfortable. Because when we are comfortable in whatever clothes we put on, our self-confidence shoots up!

4. Speak Slowly

Not everyone can understand someone speaking like Eminem! When someone talks quickly, others perceive them as not wanting others to understand what they have to say. This is a sign of underconfidence. But at the same time, when someone talks with patience, they reflect confidence and draw people to themselves.

5. Re-Route Your Inner Critic

Has your inner voice said things like, “You cannot do this” or “You are not good enough” or something like that? If yes, then this is your cue to shut down that voice.

As much as it is important to understand our weaknesses and never stop believing that you can do better, sometimes a little self-appreciation works just fine. This will make you more kind to yourself and give you the will to do better next time.

6. Be Prepared

Preparation is the key to excelling in something. If you are well prepared for a test or a presentation, you will not get all panicky about something unforeseen; rather, the chances of something being ‘unforeseen’ will be minimized.

7. Work On Your Posture

Stand straight while talking to someone or while attending an event. Slouching makes a person seem tired. But standing straight with your shoulders uptight, you will feel more attractive and metaphorically will make you feel as if the sky is pulling your body up and you’re all set to fly!

Try this; it is simple but ought to make you feel amazing!

8. Smile More Often

This works like a chain reaction. When we put up a smile on our faces, we are getting one step closer to being happy. Even others will find us more approachable and likable. And believe it or not, when we receive compliments and appreciation from others, we feel more content and confident.

And you can obviously always go with the golden rule, “fake it till you make it!”

9. Set Smaller Goals

Setting realistic and achievable goals is very important. Make sure you do not directly aim for the sky but slowly build a ladder up there. And as this ladder will keep progressing, your major goals will start taking shape because, with every step, you will begin to believe more in yourself

Since you are achieving this with your persistence and hard work, you will feel accomplished and worthy. And we need to know our worth to show it!

10. Exercising

With those toxins going out of our body in the form of sweat, staying active is a great way to feel good about ourselves.

Even something simple like brisk walking will help your internal system stay healthy, and because of all these connections going in our body, we will start being good and feeling even better!

11. The Age Old “Mirroring” Mantra

There’s a golden technique of standing in front of the mirror and listening, judging, and observing yourself while talking. Practice an interview in front of the mirror or a presentation, or just say good things about yourself to yourself. Remind yourself how amazing you are.

You will start feeling the difference in how you treat yourself once you start doing this.

12. Clean Up Your Space

Whether it is a desk, your wardrobe, or your room, getting rid of unwanted things will positively impact how you see yourself. Decluttering and cleaning up is a great way to make your life less chaotic and get in place. This might seem like a small task, but it has high significance.

13. Finish A Highly Procrastinated Task

Feel accomplished by fulfilling a long-procrastinated task. Trust me! This works wonders! Getting something off which has been lingering in your subconscious will make you feel less guilty.

Just get up in the morning and strike off that thing that has been bothering you for an unhealthy span of time now.

14. Seek Knowledge

When we have a good deal of knowledge on the subject we are talking about, we become invincible! Then confidence emerges through the way we speak and present ourselves. We also become more controlled of our actions and competent. When you know about a subject, you will not fear any type of judgment or questions that might come your way.

A great way to enlarge the scope of your knowledge is to read as many books as possible. Internet could also be helpful once we categorize what is genuine and what isn’t.

15. Be Positive

We cannot predict the future. But what we can do is have overpowering positive thoughts over the more calculative and so-called “practical” ones. Remind yourself to be positive. Distance yourself from people who constantly try to put you down.

Surround yourself with positive things and thoughts. Read good books, watch light-hearted movies, paint, draw…whatever makes you feel happy!

After creating a positive mindset, act upon it. Share your positive energy with others. Doing this will multiply yours. And as you find good company, you feel more confident in your skin.

“One important key to success is self-confidence. A key to self-confidence is preparation.” – Arthur Ashe, Tennis player.

It is okay to take a break from the world every now and then only to focus and feel good about yourself! Practice self-confidence, it’ll go a long way.

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