9 Beautiful Ways to Practice Self Love

Hey, you! Yes, you! Did you know you are the most unique and special person in this world?
You are deserved to be loved, not just by the people around you but also by yourself.
If you accept the way you are and practice self-love, then only would see the good in you.
It might be difficult at some point of time in your life to love yourself because of the challenges you face, but that shouldn’t stop you from loving yourself. Hop on the self-love train, as we tell you how to love yourself.

9 Beautiful Ways to Practice Self Love

1. Think Positive

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Start your day by telling yourself, that you are made to be loved. Love should come from within yourself and also by others. Tell yourself something positive. Example, maybe dress up pretty or do something that makes you smile. Whatever be the case, only think positive. Don’t be too hard on yourself.

2. Nourish the Soul For Self Love

When you daily nourish your body with proteins and vitamins, only then will you have the capacity to perform things that you love. not just the physical body, aim for the soul. read good books, eat whatever you feel like, visit places, gain experience, make friends, involve yourself in intellectual conversations, then only would you be able to satisfy your soul. a happy and content soul is vital for self love.

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So make sure you eat well, drink plenty of water and do all the necessary things to make the body happy.

3. Become Mindful

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People who intend to have more self love are the ones, who clearly know what they feel, think or want. They are mindful and they know how to act in situations, rather than act on what others tell them to do. They know how to react to situations and to which ones to withdraw from. Be mindful of the

4. Practice Self Care

You will love yourself even more when you start taking care of yourself.
Give all the basic needs that your body wants.

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You could moisturize your skin, drink water, perform your favorite activities and have healthy social interactions with people.

5. Set Boundaries

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When you say “no” to work, love or activities that harm you physically, mentally emotionally and spiritually you would love yourself even more. Setting boundaries can also be a part of self love.

6. Protect Yourself

Bringing the right people in your life, is best as they would always motivate you.
They are the ones who will stand with you in your highs and lows. Do not surround yourself with people who would take advantage of you and who will take all the shine away from you.

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Protecting from these people is best, rather than being friends with them. You do not need anyone to be happy you ,yourself is enough.

7. Forgive Yourself

Sometimes we are very hard on ourselves. We punish ourselves for making mistakes instead of learning from them. You have to learn to accept them and move forward. Stop being hard on yourself or blaming yourself for every small thing that happens to you in your life.

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There are no failures in life just the lessons to be learned.

8. Live With a Purpose

You will love yourself even more when you know what’s the purpose of your life and have a fixed goal. Your purpose need not be very clear. If you live with an intention to be happy in your life, do every thing that makes you happy and eventually you will succeed in it.
Set your goals, find a purpose and live your life to the fullest!

9. Work Towards Progress

You love yourself when you do something that excites you and which will need you to stay strong, centered and allows you to move forward in your life.

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By staying focused on what you need, your behavior patterns will automatically change.
Loving what you do, is the best self loving technique.


The above steps would definitely make you fall in love with yourself.
Practicing these eight steps everyday, can make great changes. Its true that no one can love you other than yourself. When you will execute the above steps in your life, it will also encourage others to express them in the same way. You will start attracting people and surroundings that fill your soul with joy and exuberance.

Tell us in the comments below, if you have been practicing self love, as a daily part of your life.

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