6 Practical Ways to Induce Lucid Dreaming

Make some noise the ones who have some time or the other, gained full access to their dreams! Yes, the cheerful noise we hear on hintsoflife.com is making our servers shake. There is a term for this – lucid dreaming. I personally can relate to it because I have held the reigns many times in my dreams and trust me it is a wonderful feeling. There are some tried ways that work up to an extent that will help you attain that lucid dreaming state.

Why do We Dream?

Is it strange that people like me pen down their most fantastic, out of the world dreams in their daily journal, right? I bet not. Because people like me still won’t stop. Since every one of has dreamt about something or the other at least once in their lifetime to say the least. Most dreams are just snippets and they are forgotten the second we bat our eyes open.

But then there are some who take us on a roller coaster ride (literally and metaphorically both). Such dreams are fun. Depending on what you are experiencing in your dream, it can go from being a walk in a valley of flowers to a blindfolded walk on the highest bridge with sharks awaiting their dinner underneath. Anything and everything, logic or loony are all doable in a dream 

Dreams are images, visuals which may happen randomly, about any person, place, situation or circumstance. Nothing fixed can be predicted about dreams. One only better hope that they be pleasant.

What Exactly is Lucid Dreaming?

Dreaming isn’t a conscious state. Generally, whenever we dream, there is zero control we have have over it. There are next to impossible things we can carry out in our dreams but what is lacking is the control one must have over them. 

There is another sub type of dream called the lucid dreaming. In lucid dreaming our brain can be considered as standing between our awake and asleep terrain. In lucid dreaming you steer the dream however you like. You are well aware that it’s a dream but along with it you get the power to script write it however you want. Mind blowing right?

Why Induce Lucid Dreaming? 

If there is that one part of the day where you are at complete rest and ease, alongside you get the option to direct an adventure with yourself and others as actor, director, shooter, antagonist or protagonist. Wouldn’t you want to trade the world for this? Anybody would in these tiring, toiling times. 

This slyly means to do so is lucid dreaming. Adding to this, lucid dreaming is used to treat recurring night mares, PTSD and depression too. 

6 Ways to Induce Lucid Dreaming

There are certain tested ways that are a good shot to induce lucid dreaming. Only 20% of people all over the world have thoroughly mastered the art and concept of lucid dreaming. 

1. Create a Good Bedroom Aura for Dreaming 

It is understandable that there are certain things that you can edit at your end to make the conditions favorable for a lucid dream or any kind of dream, to begin with. Set the room temperature to a bit lower than normal, have a hot water bath before sleep, drink hot milk, etc are some tips to go with for a pleasant sleep.

2. Write Down your Dreams

This may sound silly. Like what a kind of monitored experiment would look like. Try to remember your dream and then write it down to make it more permanent. If writing is a pain somewhere, then try to make a quick voice record. This way you can try to make something out and identify the patterns, characters, people, and themes. 

3. Identify your Dream Patterns

To identify dream patterns it is necessary to first write down or remember your dream. when you are aware of your dream patterns and themes, you instantly become known to the fact in your sleep the dream has begun to take shape. 

4. Adopt the MILD Technique 

MILD stands for Mnemonic Induction to Lucid Dreaming. Chant like a mantra some affirmative and positive phrases and keep repeating on a loop until you fall asleep. This way, the chances of lucid dreaming increase.

5. Try the Wake Back to Bed Technique 

This technique is crazy as it can go too extreme and you may suffer from sleep deprivation. It is not recommended. In this method, you set up alarms after a definite time duration during the entire night. This will disrupt your sleep and make you more exposed to lucid dreaming. 

6. Expand your Dreams 

When you know are lucid dreaming, make an attempt to continue the dream, while in your dream. These widely use lucid dreaming continuation steps are given by pro-lucid dreamers 

  • Stroke or rub your hands together in a dream
  • Make yourself believe in a reality that is dreaming and continue with the dreaming process. 
  • Fall backwards and twist in your dream.

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