9 Popular Nail Shapes You Can Try out!

You dream of those trimmed to shape perfectly manicured nails don’t you? Nails look so exquisite and alluring when well maintained. Celebrities have that dough in their pocket and hence the freedom to get their nails done with new and trendy nail extensions and nail art every week. At least their nail pictures give us inspirational ideas on how to decorate our nails for the next time. 

Nail extensions are artificial nails or false nails put on top of your original ones. The process is not at all painful. Nail extensions are either Gel or Acrylic. Gel nail extensions are more real-looking than Acrylic ones. But both are artificial and last for about a month or so depending upon the kind of care you take. Nail extensions sit properly if you have a big nail bed. But don’t get fussy if you don’t. There is a nail extension for all. 

9 Popular Nail Shapes You Can try out

1. Lipstick Shaped Nails

Be it nail extensions or your natural nails, the shape you choose for them is your call. There is no hard and fast rule that a certain shape shall fall perfect for some and not on others. Pick whatever from the list below and go for it. 

2. Square Nails

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It is quite simple that square nails are well pretty much square. They have flat shaped no tapering or pointy at all. Square nails are perfect for those of you who want them short yet elegant. 

3. Almond Shaped Nails

They are shaped just like an almond. You can’t call them pointy but a bit tapered at the top and are sleekly filed along the sides. These almond-shaped nails are difficult to hold on to over your natural nails. 

4. Stiletto Nails

As dashing the stiletto heels looks and feel. The nails are the same too. You know someone is sporting stiletto nails when they are a bit longer and pointy than usual. They look a tad bit artificial to be honest. Many celebrities nowadays are wearing these nails. 

5. Round Nails

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These are the most natural looking fake nails you can get. Round nails look best when they are gel ones. Make them a bit short with French tips like Ariana Grande and you are sure to get complimented. 

6. Oval Nails

image credit – pinterest

Oval nails look best if your aim is to show off very delicate and lean fingers. The sides are filled quite deep to achieve that precise oval shape for the entire nail. 

7. Coffin or Ballerina Nails

image credit – pinterest

This is the most famous in Hollywood and most often Kylie is seen flaunting it. Coffin-shaped nails are mostly preferred to long like the stiletto ones but the major difference is that coffin nail shape instead of being pointy is square-shaped. Just try to retrieve what a coffin looks like towards its edges and get the idea. 

8. Mountain Peak Nails

image credit – pinterest

Mountain is an over exaggeration and don’t scroll to the next one as this can become your signature nail style just as they are Lady Gaga’s. Mountain nail is a shorter version of a stiletto nail. Like the stiletto nail it is a bit pointier and sheer amount of soft roundness is added to it at the top. 

9. Squoval Nails

image credit – pinterest

An ideal blend of square and oval nails is the squoval nails. Maybe you can get confused between the square and the oval ones. For the same, the squoval nails can be a middle path.

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