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The Effects Of Caffeine: Positive And Negative

Everyone has had those overtime nights-shifts, or an assignment due the next day, which puts pressure on their body to work in overdrive. And the basic resolution is often...

7 Self-Care Tips: A Reminder You Need To Stop And Slow Down A Little

Self-care is a word we’ve heard for a long time. What does it mean? Simply put, self-care is the act of taking care of...

10 Benefits Of Laughing That Will Bring Positivity In Your Life

Laughter is indeed the best medicine. It draws people together, triggering healthy physical and emotional changes in the body. Some benefits of laughing include...

5 Sea Animals That Can Be Your Best Buddies

Pets! They are the best companions. Since ages, pets have become a prominent part of human’s life. Entertaining their owners and protecting them from...

Detachment: The Way To Squeeze Out Every Drop Of Life

“Don’t cling to things, because everything is impermanent.”A Buddhist saying You might’ve heard a lot along the lines of experiencing everything fully, be it good...

The History Of Birthday Cakes

A wise person once said, “Cake is the answer no matter what question.” I am sure these words will resonate with you as much as...

Let’s Know The Origin Of Clothing

Clothing has been around for so long, it's almost like a second skin. Little thought is given to what life was like without it...

8 Signs Of A Toxic Relationship

Relationships are indeed special. They’re the people whom you share yourself with besides your parents, siblings, and maybe friends. It is intimate; you learn...

5 Holy Places In India And Their Mythical History

India, a land of myths, has many places that had a connection with mythological characters. Some temples hold a story that makes them popular....

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