12 Most Expensive Water Brands In The World


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Water: The New Wine

Water is a basic commodity that is taken for granted. We have many businesses whirling water into a luxury item that rivals designer bags and watches. Did you know? Luxury water brands have their connoisseurs. They are known as ‘water sommeliers.’ Packaging is the major factor behind the high price and the source from where the water is collected from. Depending on the TDS level, water can taste: sweet, bitter, salty, umami, fatty, and metallic.

12 Most Expensive Water Brands In The World

1. Beverly Hills 90 H2O Luxy Collection Diamond edition

Most Expensive Water Brands In The World
Source: yahoofinance

Cost – $100,000 per bottle

Beverly Hills has always carried itself as the champagne of water due to its great-tasting water source from Northern California’s mountain springs. The Sierra Nevada mountains are the main source to get “the ultimate in water.” It is instilled with minerals to enhance its taste and nutrients. The bottle was designed by Mario Padilla and comes with a white gold cap encrusted with 14-karat gold, consisting of 250+ black diamonds and 600 G/VS white diamonds.

2. Acqua Di Cristallo “Tributo a Modigliani”

Source: inabottle

Cost – $60,000

This tastes like both water and gold. The bottle is handcrafted with 24-karat gold with 5 mg of 23k gold dust. The bottle design is based on the artwork of Italian artist Amedeo Clemente Modigliani. This extravagant 1.250 ml bottle consists of a combination of glacier water from Iceland and natural spring water from France and the Fiji Islands. This water was sold back in 2010 at an auction for $60,000.

3. Bling H2Os The Ten Thousand

Source: redchili21my

Cost – $2,700

The name “The Ten Thousand” has quite a literal meaning as the bottle is embellished with 10,000 Swarovski crystals. You are sure to stand out in a crowd with this bottle in tow.

4. Kona Nigari

Source: konadeep

Cost – $402 per 750 ml bottle

It was harvested 2,000 feet below the surface of the Pacific Ocean in Hawaii. It is said to have plenty of health benefits due to its special qualities. This product is sold exclusively in Japan.

5. Filico

Source: financialtribune

Cost – $200-$240 per bottle

The sophisticated, uniquely designed bottle is adorned with a myriad of Swarovski crystals. This huge quality mineral water is sourced from Kobe, Japan, and offers the finest Japanese craftsmanship. Filico offers water bottles having an angelical and royal design. The bottle symbolizes the brightness of purity and innocence.

6. Iluliaq

Source: fairlypainless

Cost – $50 per bottle

It is derived from the Sermeq Kujalleq glacier in Greenland, which has been a UNESCO protected site since 2004. The local workers carry icebergs on boats and place them on vats to naturally melt. Due to the production, reliance on environmental factors, and natural elements, Iluliaq is limited. Each model is dated and consists of the customer’s name on the label. Ain’t that cool?

7. Bling H2O Frosted Collection

Source: deccanchronicle

Cost – $38.98 per bottle

The frosted glass collection is designed with Swarovski crystals. Initially, the company hand-selected famous personalities to use the brand, as its tagline states: “It’s not for everyone… just those that bling.”


Source: runnersworld

Cost – $30 per bottle

It is one of the most unique and expensive brands. The company is known for its water filter pitchers. They have come out with a shatter-resistant glass water bottle with a grip-protected sleeve. The bottle comes in a variety of colors created with sustainable materials. For example, the cap is made out of bamboo.


Source: gazettereview

Cost – $30 per bottle

This water is harvested from multiple natural springs in the world. VEEN offers pure luxury waters and is unspoiled by nitrate. The first spring water originated from Finnish Lapland and the second from Bhutan’s spring mineral water.

10. Berg Water

Source: gayot

Cost – $20 per bottle

It is naturally acquired from Canada, a remote island called Newfoundland. As this area is in a far-flung location, it is said to be void of contaminants. Berg water production is quite limited. This is due to the harsh conditions of the island, which make it difficult to harvest the water.

11. 10 Thousand BC

Source: 10thousandbc

Cost – $14 per bottle

It sources its water from the Hat Mountain Glacier, Canada. Brands opt for glacier waters as it is not filtered from the ground and is uncontaminated and untouched. 10 thousand BC comes in high-end packaging with an elegant, premium glass case.

12. Pineo

Source: pineo

Cost – €2.25 per 1 liter bottle

Pineo full moon water is natural artesian mineral water obtained from the Spanish Pyrenees. The water is filled at full moon, hence the name. It is low in salt, chlorine, and nitrates and has a fantastic taste.

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