Mind Matters Are NOT Against Manners!

Isn’t it stunning how the human brain starts working in a fetus and stops only when everything else in the body has?  This surprisingly small body part, somewhat weighing around 3 pounds, handles all the functions of your body?! How we present ourselves, what to say and when to say, and pretty much everything.

This little yet highly fascinating body part is so sensitive that there is a whole hollow ball of calcium that protects it; All. The. Time.

Then why do we zip our mouths, beat around the bush, and be ashamed when our mind starts facing problems? Shouldn’t that be as normal as headaches? Shouldn’t talking about mind matters be like any other healthy discussion?

Everything hurts, but everything goes on…

Brain Illnesses Exist, And It’s Okay.

I don’t know who needs to hear this, but it is absolutely fine to suffer from depression and anxiety. It should not be the parameter to consider someone a disgrace! The brain and its functions are so complex that it is entirely normal to have minor fluctuations here and there.

Person suffering from anxiety and depression 
mind matters
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Mental Illnesses Are Just Like Any Other Illness.

Our minds guide us. We think. Our brains are the reason we are able to think. So, don’t you think emotional disorders should be considered just like how we regard a physical or internal injury or a pain in any other body part?

We tend to take things for granted. No wonder we take issues related to one of the primary doers of our body so lightly. And on top of that, some people try to deny the fact that such things even exist!

We, as rational people, need to understand that the brain is also a part of the body. It requires more attention than we give it.

Mental Illness
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            It’s Okay To Talk!

Humans are social animals. We can talk about anything and everything. Then why shy away from sharing something that is bothering us so much! Just like we share happiness and sweets with our loved ones, why don’t we talk about feeling sad, anxious, panicked, triggered, and stressed?!

Think of a utensil. It has a capacity. When we try to fit more food in it than its volume, it overflows and creates a mess. Now, think of the mind. There’s already so much for it to manage; can we help it not become chaotic!?

Just talk it out! Just take a leap of faith to try to let go of what bothers you! Maybe not everyone will understand, but someone will.

Talking helps in releasing stress
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Listen Like How You Want To Be Heard!

We all are the main leads of our stories. Deep down, we all want to be heard, appreciated and feel valued. But we forget that this is precisely what everyone else thinks.

We all know how crappy it is to narrate a story only to realize that no one is paying attention! Life is like a barter system, about giving and receiving.

It can be challenging for someone to stand up and share their troubles. And thanks to the myths revolving around mental health, it is tougher in this case.

So if someone gathers the courage to speak about their unbalanced mind, the least you can do is not be judgemental and listen to what they have to say.

Listening to one's problems without judging
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Seeking Help Does Not Make You Weak!

Emotional therapy is so infamous that people are often seen as “retarded” and “weak” when they seek mental help. But what exactly is the problem in getting treatment for an illness? Who doesn’t see a doctor for prolonged stomach ache?

Dear readers, therapy is not something to be ashamed of. It does not make anyone weak or, as they say, “insane.”

See a therapist if you feel troubled. Suggest your friends and family do the same.

Seeking Help
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Together we can break the taboos that revolve around this topic. Because hey, there is nothing to make a stigma about! Please repeat after me; MENTAL ILLNESSES ARE NORMAL.

There is more to the brain than doing essential body functions and being just a magical mix of chemicals. A healthy brain is good, but that doesn’t make a temporarily troubled one a hush-hush topic.

Don’t judge people. It will be a better place with kinder people.

Take care of your brain, and it will take care of you!

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