Make A Pawsome Friend and Be A Proud Pet Owner!

Does anyone seriously need an introduction to pets? The very word ‘pets’ is filled immensely with warmth and joy. Pets make us human. However, big or small; all pets are invaluable. They come in all shapes and sizes. Each pet has its own personality, likes, dislikes, methods of showing love, signs of fear, etc. As a proud pet owner myself of pair each of guinea pigs and turtles I can declare that housing a pet not only teaches you loads of stuff but they also tether you to your humanitarian side.

Why Be a Pet Owner?

I ask why not? It is a joy to have pets around. Your surroundings will always be entertaining and enticing if you have a pet nearby. Pets aren’t just a source of entertainment but they teach us some very valuable life lessons too. Pets help us to understand our emotions and face our vulnerabilities to an extent too. All pets act an excellent, dependable friends. Some even consider them as a confidant. One can learn lessons innumerable from a pet. All these and much more are the perks you get for being a pet owner.

Pets Come in All Shapes and Sizes

We consider cats and dogs as the mainstream pets. Without a doubt, a dog is a man’s best friend and cats are as cumming and clever as they come but there are species and species of the animal kingdom capable of adopting as a pet. Plus there are some that aren’t legally allowed to be taken in as pets. Each country has its own list that prohibits you to own and keep certain animals. You must positively conform to this list before buying a pet. 

Nowadays, it has become a fashion statement to bring home exotic and rare animal species as pets. Don’t be this person. Also if you encounter such a person, educate him/her of the dangers they might be putting their pets into. 

Things You Learn By Being a Pet Owner

Many people have attested to the fact that there are a trillion traits, ethics, and values their pets have taught them along the journey. 


For sure it is agreeable that having pets around is a thing of great delight. But the duties, care, nurture, nutrition, and knowledge that you ought to develop when a pet comes around is nothing less than bringing home a newborn. Firstly you have to conduct a proper thorough peek into the species you are thinking of purchasing or adopting, what are the basic necessities it will require on a daily basis, dos, and don’ts, etc. All this responsibility falls on the pet owner. But in the end, this is a job of great selflessness and satisfaction.


Any pet by default will fall in love with you not because you feed him, bathe him or clean his poop. But because pets have the ability to sense a connection and bond. When this bond becomes a two way process, the friendship between the two of you will become permanent. It is through this mind of trust and friendship that your pet begins to trust you and vice versa.


No two species of animal is the same and neither are two animals of the same species. Each animal you bring home as a pet will show it’s true personality in time. Mostly herd animals feel the need to portray a dynamic version of themselves like my two Guinea pigs who constantly try boo down the other for my attention and of course for food. But rivalry should be considered a personality trait. This could escalate quickly and prove fatal too. Nurture a calm, active, participator pet. 


It should not come as a surprise that keeping dogs is considered officially as a therapeutic method to treat patients with clinical depression, stress, anxiety disorders etc. The same falls for all other animals too. Count on your pets to be there in times of loneliness and 

Your Connection to the Animal Kingdom 

Your pet is a bridge that makes you connect to other animals. As a pet owner, you develop much-needed feelings of compassion and kindness towards all animals. This comes naturally from the very first day you bring home a pet. 

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Pet Owners 

Being a pet owner is not only the best but the most soulful experience you will ever come across in your entire life. There is nothing that compares to the joy you feel inside when you work for your pet. Pets show you compassion and love in ways that are indescribable. Not only this you become more in touch with yourself as an individual.

Go and get yourself a pet today! Also, a reminder is sure to adopt a pet. Breeds shouldn’t matter when all you are looking for is a cozy little (or big) friend to keep.

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