Love Is A 7-Colored Word

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There are things in this world that we have control over, such as the amount of sugar we consume in a day and how many hours we watch Netflix. Then there are things that no one can control; the weather and the future, for example.

Colors Of Pride

Human sexuality falls into the latter category. So, when this so-called “socially hush-hushed” and “highly controversial” topic is out of anyone’s control, why don’t we make a big deal about it?

We can choose how we show our affection to our loved ones, but we cannot choose the one we love. Being homosexual (gay or lesbian) is as normal as being heterosexual.

The Rainbow Stigma

Over the past centuries, same-sex lovers have been punished, beaten up, and, in worse scenarios, publicly executed.  Many religions have considered homosexuality a sin. People have said things like, “this is a phase,” and have humiliated people who have come out as part of the LGBTQ community.

There have been incidences when even the family members have refused to support their children and, on top of this, have tried to “cure” homosexuality. Imagine the horror of family abandoning a person for something they do not even have any control over.

There is no black in the rainbow; let’s not keep ourselves in dark either.

When Did Being In Love Became Ignominious?

Even after years of people trying to bring out the fact that it is completely normal to love whoever one wants to, being heterosexual is internalized. It is something that is expected. Laws have been made to abolish discrimination against the LGBTQ community, but it is still seen as a sin in the lesser developed parts of the world.

Maybe it is the lack of acceptance because of which homosexuality gets a social stigma attached to it and makes people take such extreme steps. Perhaps it’s just a lack of understanding and consideration.

Love Is Orange, Blue And Red

Being in love is not against nature!! If two people are happy together, then who is anyone else to interfere with! Being happy is essential. Loving and being loved is essential. Sure, we need more awareness regarding global warming, but love is also something that we equally need.

One should not need to be “brave” for falling in love and being with the one they love! On one hand, we talk about “world peace.” On the other hand, such hatred? Is this the world we wish to create?!

Love comes in every color, shape, size and gender!

Giving Every Type Of Love A Green Flag

We live in the 21st year of the 21st century. Can we be a little more considerate towards the people around us and understand that love is not only a beautiful word but also an equally beautiful feeling. That it is beautiful to love and to be loved.

Falling in love is beautiful.

Love is pure.

Love is what we need. Even if we don’t accept it openly, we all do! So, if a guy falls in love with another guy or a girl, how does that matter!!

Hopeful In Yellow

How others feel is not in our hands. But how we treat them is. This world lacks kindness. It is not difficult to keep our hearts open for others to accept someone for who they are. And there is more to a person than their sexual orientation.

Can we all open our hearts and spread less prejudice?

Can we all be more accepting?

Can we not make fun of our friends and family for being homosexual?

Yes, we can and we will.

The world has enough hatred; let’s focus on better things. Love is vast. Let’s spread it. Let the rainbows shine! Let us see homosexual relationships as relationships too!

Let’s add more colors to our red hearts!

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