20 Local Street Foods to try out in Kolkata

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Local street food to try out in kolkata

The tour to Kolkata is incomplete if one has not tried the amazing street food here. Kolkata, which is known as the cultural capital of India, is a paradise for all the food lovers out there. The place is cultural as well as famous for its cuisine. Be it the famous Bengali sweets or the spicy mouth-watering dishes that can make anyone, the place is the ultimate destination for food lovers.

20 Local Street Foods to try out in Kolkata

1. Fuchkas

Fuchkas are certainly the king of Kolkata street foods. Fuchkas are named as ‘Golgappa’ or ‘panipuri’ in some places. Fuchkas are round-shaped food that is stuffed with a mixture of potatoes and spices, served with prickled water. With the perfect balance of stuffed potatoes, spices, chutney and pickled water, the Fuchkas become yummy and one definitely needs to try them while they are in Kolkata.

2. Churmur

Churmur is one of the most famous dishes in Kolkata. This is made with crushed Puchkas and other ingredients to spice it up. Although Churmur is very similar to Fuchkas, the perfect blend of flavors makes them taste a lot different than Puchkas. This street food is a mix of mashed potatoes, crushed Fuchkas, onions, tamarind pulp, and lime.

3. Rolls

Kolkata’s Rolls are the best kind of street food. Rolls are like wraps that have stuffing like egg, mutton, chicken or paneer along with sauces, spices, and veggies. The delicious roadside rolls are enough to fill one’s tummy and satisfy one’s tastebuds.

4. Aloo Kabli

Aloo Kabli is a quick potato snack that is quite famous in Kolkata. Potatoes are boiled first and then mixed with onions, tomatoes, peas, chilies, tamarind pulp, and a whole lot of spices that give the dish a great taste.

5. Luchi Aloodom

Luchi or Puri and Aloodom are some of the heavenly combinations for street food lovers. One must taste the combination to get the essence of Bengali cuisine. Luchi Aloodom is the typical breakfast item and one of the renowned Kolkata street foods that Bengalis are tremendously fond of.

6. Jhalmuri

Jhalmuri is Bengali’s favourite snack which is famous in Kolkata. Street food has an easier recipe and could be one’s best companion for munching. It is a mixture of puffed rice, peanuts, different varieties of namkeens, onions, chilies, spices, tomatoes, and coriander. This street food is also a healthy option for a snack as it is oil-free and does not require much cooking.

7. Ghugni

Ghugni is basically made with boiled peas mixed with onions, coriander, chilis, tomatoes, spices and tamarind pulp. This popular street food of Kolkata is served hot roadside and it deserves admiration.

8. Chowmein

This mouth-watering street food is popular not only in Kolkata but also in many other places. This is one of the most common Kolkata street foods that is found on every corner of Kolkata’s street. The city of Joy adopted this style and made the noodle in its own style. Chowmein can be prepared with Chicken, mutton, and even egg.

9. Mughlai Parathas

The famous Mughlai Parathas of Kolkata is one of the most delicious street foods that one must go for. It is made with a rich and heavy stuffing of well-chopped and cooked chicken or Keema along with onions, eggs, and pieces of broken cutlets. This stuffing is well packed in rotis and is deep-fried in oil.

10. Kachori

 This snack is enjoyed over tea or one can simply have it at one’s mealtime for experiencing the delicious meal. Kachori in Kolkata is also known as “Radhabollobi” and they are something to die for. It is a spicy dish that is stuffed with a variety of stuffing that is mashed potatoes with spices.

11. Ghoti Gorom

This street food is available in buses and trains and in every corner of the streets of Kolkata. ‘Ghoti’ is the pot where the mixture is heated before it is served. The mixture is prepared with salted chanachur that is namkeens, mixed with onions, chilies, spices, lime and coriander. The mixture is then heated in a pot and served accordingly. Ghoti Gorom is inexpensive, light, and very easy to carry.

12. Televaja

Televaja is a fried preparation generally enjoyed with tea. The snack is prepared by frying besan batter covering items like onions, potato, or brinjal. Televajas can be consumed with puffed rice and is one of the best Kolkata street foods.

13. Momos

Momos are readily available everywhere. But this Tibetan cuisine has gained popularity in Kolkata for quite some time. Momos are served with chutneys and hot soup. This comfort food is inexpensive and is breathtaking which will make one crave more.

14. Bhelpuri

Bhelpuri is typically famous in Mumbai. But the Kolkata version of Bhelpuri includes chaat-like food. The crunchy puffed rice is mixed with boiled potatoes, onions, and coriander and then the mixture is mixed with sauce to get a spicy dressing. Bhelpuri is readily available and is expensive too.

15. Sweets

Kolkata offers a rich variety of elegance for every palate. The sweet tooth of Bengalis as well as the variety of sweets and desserts available as street food is astounding. From Misti Doi which is sweet yogurt to Chanar Jilipi, every sweet is worth dying for. The variations of Rosogolla and Sandesh satisfy Bengalis and every person who is a sweet lover. Apart from all these, one must try Chomchom, Malpua, Payesh, Labongo Lotika, Ledikeni, and Goja among all street foods.

16. Cutlets

Kolkata’s Cutlets is one of the most popular street food. Chicken Cutlet is made from minced chicken which has a unique lip-smacking taste. Apart from chicken cutlets, Fish Cutlets are also a great option for evening snacks. Cutlets are served with tomato sauce and salads.

17. Kulfi

Kulfi is one of the most famous frozen desserts and it is Kolkata’s own ice cream. Kulfi is found all over India and it comes in various flavours. It is heavier than ice cream and a must-try during summer if you visit Kolkata.

18. Dimer Devil

The city has its own version of deviled egg which is one of the famous Kolkata street foods. It consists of a hard-boiled egg with a deep-fried coating of meat and other spices. Dimer Devil can be enjoyed with a cup of tea and is a great option for rainy days too.

19. Dal Pakora

Dal Pakoras are readily available all over Kolkata. The famous street food is crispy, mouthwatering fried snacks made with soaked dal mixed with spices. Along with Dal pakoras, Potato fritters are also available and it is served sprinkling salt with chutney or sauce

20. Dahi Vada

Dahi Vada is popular all over India and is also one of the go-to Kolkata street foods. They are deep-fried Vadas that are softened in water and then dipped into yogurt. The yogurt is prepared with masala, chili powder, coriander, pepper, etc. Dahi Bhalla or Dahi Vada are nice snacks to have during the summer.


These are some of the astounding street foods from Kolkata that are so delicious and appetizing that one would not regret trying them. These street foods make Kolkata one unique position that distinguishes it from all the other places. Though there are many other cuisines that can be tried, these are the specialties of Kolkata.

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