5 Ways To listen to What Your Handwriting Says


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Listen To What Your Handwriting Says

Do you think learning about a person is difficult? Well, according to me it is not because when observed carefully, the person himself gives out a lot of information. Walking style, dressing style, speaking style, eyes, etc. can reveal a lot of things unless the person is a master in hiding. But, generally, it is easy to guess small things by looks and behavior. Their coffee drinking style, palm, handwriting, etc. can reveal things about them too. Palm reading is a famous type of revelation about a person. Astrology also comes under the category of revealing past, present, and future. There are various studies just like astrology that reveal things about a person. One of them is graphology.

Graphology is the analysis of the handwriting and revealing things like psychological state at the time of writing or physical characteristics of the person. It is considered as pseudoscience. Writing reveals a lot about the writer. According to research, 5000 traits can be revealed by handwriting. Schizophrenia and high blood pressure can also be revealed by handwriting. Even the amount of pressure you apple during writing has something to say about you. Here are the things that your handwriting wants to tell you.

5 Ways To listen to What Your Handwriting Says

1. Size of words

Size of words
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Size is the most basic thing that reveals things about an individual. If the letters or words you write are large then, it implies that you are an extrovert. You like it when people understand you. You want to be noticed. The Center of attention is a tag line that you need. It can also imply fake confidence and act. The middle-sized letter or words indicate that a person is well adjustable and adapted. They stay in between the two extreme ends. Small words say that you are shy and timid. In other words, you are an introvert.

2. Space between words

Space between words
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The next thing is the space between the words. If you give little space between the words then, you do not want to be alone. You want to be surrounded by people. Little spacing also implies that you have poor time management skills. People who give little space between words can be intrusive too. These people do not understand the concept of private space. People who use wide spaces are the complete opposite of the one who uses little spaces. They enjoy and value their freedom a lot and they do not like to be overwhelmed. They are well aware of their boundaries.

3. Margins of the page

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If one leaves the left margin while writing, then the person is stuck in the past. He wants to let it go but cannot. The past is controlling him and he dwells in it. He needs some help to come out of it. The one who leaves the right margin is completely opposite to the one who leaves the left margin. He dwells in the future. Always thinking and worrying about it. He gets excited about it. A person who writes all over the page is the one whose mind does not rest and keeps on shuffling between things. He cannot relax.

4. Style

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There are several letters that can be written in several styles. Every style says something about the writer. A narrow loop in e suggests that the person is suspicious about others and keeps everything to himself. The wide loop says totally the opposite thing. The person accepts new people and experiences. Dot higher above ‘i’ suggests that the person has a great imagination. Directly above ‘i’ indicate that the person is free-spirited. If the dot is an open circle then, the person is childish. Crossing ‘t’ with long lines says that the person is energetic and determined. A short one says completely opposite.

5. Cursive letters

Cursive letters
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For lower case ‘i’, the narrow loop on ‘i’ suggests that the person is tensed and restricted. The wide loop indicates exactly the opposite. In the case of lowercase ‘s’, rounded ‘s’ suggests that the person likes to spread happiness. Pointed ‘s’ indicates that the person is curious, hardworking, and ambitious. Wider ‘s’ suggests that the person is not pursuing the job they were interested in. The length and width of the lower case ‘y’ can tell a lot. Thin ‘y’ says that the person is choosy in case of friends. And long ‘y’ can tell that the person has a hidden exploring nature. A short ‘y’ suggests that the person likes to stay at home.

So, here are the things what your handwriting want to say. Have you listened to yours?