Lipstick Shade Guide For Every Occasion

Lipstick is like a badge for a woman, and a perfect lipstick shade enhances a woman’s natural beauty and elegance. One has so many lipsticks with so many shades; it becomes confusing what shade to wear for which occasion. Here is the lipstick shade guide to decide on the perfect lippie for every occasion in your life.

Lipsticks are an essential part of makeup and intensify beauty. Whether one realizes it or not, the lipstick shade sends a message to every individual. The wrong shade of lipstick can end up ruining your first impression. According to recent research by CoverGirl parent company, Proctor & Gamble, when participants were presented with images of nine women wearing six different shades of lipstick. The participants then made assumptions regarding the women’s personalities, rating attributes like how creative, reliable, and professional they seemed, based on the shade they were wearing. Therefore, Lipsticks are an integral part of cosmetics.

Everyday Work Or Job Interview:

A workplace is a conservative place, so one must ponder the basic etiquette of the lipstick shade one is wearing. Natural hue, nude shade, or any light shade of lipstick will convey that one is open, confident, and collaborative in nature. However, one should avoid dark colors and drying matte lipsticks and always choose moisturizing lipsticks that are long-lasting and comfortable to wear for a long day.

Casual meetings Or Day outs:

For Casual meetings, one can always opt for a shade like Plum. Plum shades make one strong, confident, and also approachable. This will convey one’s warmth. For a day out, a plum is a good option as it matches all skin tones and reflects the strong and decisive character of a person. For a lazy Sunday, one can always select a brick red color representing that one is earthy, sturdy, established, and powerful. Still doubtful? Choosing a nude shade will be perfect for casual meetups or day outs as one can sport a no-makeup look.

Party Wear:

A great way to flaunt your personality and bring one’s day makeup look into nighttime is with a wine lippie. A sheer wine or red lipstick shade looks excellent for a party, and it’s more forgiving and easier to apply that matches every skin tone. Wine shade words well for sophisticated evening party wear. A shade of Fuchsia is also engaging as pink represents a friendly and fun-loving attitude. The pink shade is elegant with a strong feminine streak that conveys affection and friendship. Selecting a brighter shade of pink or red would add playfulness to the makeup look as well as your character.

Date Night:

Date Nights are always special. Isn’t it? So, ladies, choose Red above all to flaunt your boldness. Red commands attention and the shade has scientifically been proven to increases the pulse and heart rate. Bright Red or wine shade suggests that one is exciting, passionate, and adventurous. Red hues provide a kissable formula that makes lips look healthy. Therefore, if you’re in the mood to turn a few heads and increase a few heartbeats, this is the perfect shade.

Again, a mauve lipstick shade is highly recommended for a date night. The hue not only provides a flirty twist but also evokes a caring nature of love and comfort. Be it red or mauve, the long-lasting lipsticks make one’s lips fuller, smoother, and kissable, which intensifies the makeup look.

Weekend Outing:

The weekend is a relaxing time, and the lipstick shade of tangerine will be more than perfect for one as it reflects one’s joyful personality. Orange creates a smooth blend of red and yellow that will uplift one’s glam quotient. A shade of tangerine is therefore highly recommended for weekend outings.

Family Get-Togethers:

Pink is the most suitable lipstick shade for a gathering or meeting people. Hot pinks, coral pinks, baby pinks will enhance one’s overall look, as pink is a subtle yet powerful choice for every woman. Be it matte or creamy, a shade of Fuchsia will bring an innocent look and make one sociable.


Choosing from a wide range of shades to carry on a holiday may seem like the most challenging task. Instead of carrying the complete collection, one can opt for the Rose lipstick shade. A rose shade or a perfect nude shade matches all outfits and stays all day long to complement one’s holiday mood.


Lippies are the most significant aspect of makeup accessories. They have the ability to rebuild one’s style with just one stroke. With various lipstick shades available, one can get confused as it’s the most versatile makeup product. But a perfect shade is always a quick fix-up on-the-go. And undoubtedly, there’s a lipstick color for any time of the day and every occasion.

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