Let’s Write Love Letters to Ourselves


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love letter to ourselves

This is something I’ve read so many times and felt with an unfamiliar intensity every single time. Being your own savior can be tough at times. We long for appreciation. We long for our personal cheerleaders but the reality is that we fail to acknowledge our efforts. The minute it becomes difficult to face reality we need affirmations and that is why you must explore this form of expression of love- a love letter addressed to your beloved self- so that you can fall in and out of love with your own self, only to fall back in love again and again and again.

love letter

So, here’s my love letter to myself and to people like me:

Hey fellow sailor,

On this rendezvous we are taking, where life has somehow taken a sharp turn, I hope you are trying to be happy. When suddenly everything is and everybody is about progress and success be it material or any other variant, I hope you’re learning to swim and not just float through the ocean that is life. I know everything seems static and the road that you’ve chosen is dangerous and deceptive but I hope you do not exhaust yourself and depreciate your own value because you, my friend, are so rare. Repeat it to yourself. You are rare!

I hope you love and live with no inhibitions. Break into your crazy dance because trust me, the world needs it and more importantly, you need it, eat like it’s your last day on this planet because you can and you should. I hope you don’t hide out from this world because you feel you’re not good enough because my love, you are!

you are more than enough
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You are a mosaic of colors coalesced into this angelic bundle of awesomeness. I hope you fight for what you believe in because no one else will. I hope you find people, places and a you that lights up your insides like the firecracker that you are.

If you don’t feel up for it, it’s okay. You’ll figure it out. You always do, sailor.

The fates weave our lives through strings. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that our lives, yours and mine too, are nothing but a map of strings woven together, a map so complex that they end up entangled more often than not. Some of us may even rock this tangled look. But if you do not, it’s okay. You are allowed to make a mess and by an extension, be a mess. Go crazy. Cut off the strings that hold you back. Let go, honey! Go Jackie Chan on all your problems.

self affirmation
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While you’re in this process of finding yourself out, know that you can be anything – you can be great or you can be average, you can completely suck at it or you can ace it, you can be a somebody or a nobody. Whatever works for you. As long as you’re okay with your decisions, nothing else matters. You’ll figure yourself out and you will be something which is ‘you’ in so many unique shades. But more importantly, you need to be ‘somebody’ you can live with and love wholeheartedly.

When you take on this rollercoaster that is life, do things you love- mend hearts, break them, save lives, save yourself, fall in love, fall out of love, eat cake, drive that bike (Dreams count too!), dance on that atrocious song but most importantly, you do you!

Life’s calling you, my butterfly and you need to go. The world deserves a sliver of your amazing spirit. You ought to love and live because you want to and you know it deep inside. Let loose, honey because you can and because this is your space. If anybody says otherwise, they are not worth it.

you are amazing
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You’ve come so far. And I know you will go ahead and walk miles spreading your magic like the wizard that you’re.

Life is a deadly supernova and we are chucked out, more often than not, like neutron stars.

The more you see this world, the more you would realize that it’s not a part of your life but you are a part of its life. And as you come to terms with this realization, you need to know that while we are an infinitely small part of this world but like neutron stars, we hold the power of the universe within us. So, unleash it.

See you later alligator!

Now, read, pause and reflect.

Write a love letter to yourself too. As crazy as it seems, you will love going back to it when all is gloomy and nothing seems to be working out. But if you don’t want to or you can’t, read this letter. It’s much more than just a letter. It’s a rendition of love, of self-love, of modern love, something so familiar yet we fail to recognize it and welcome in our midst. Read this love letter and remember that you are rare. And if believing is all you can do on those particular days, you’ve come far, my love and you can do it.

I am here for you but, more importantly, you are there for your cute little self.

And that’s all that matters!