Let’s Learn 10 Menacing Effects Of Oversleeping

Sleep is the primary necessity for all creatures. It helps the body to relax all the activities performed in the day. Brain, which works all day long when awake, relaxes during sleep. Muscles gain their strength during sleep. Eyes, which are always busy observing things, get rest. These vigorous activities may result to excess sleep, also contributing to the effects of oversleeping.

Another factor that results in oversleeping is dreams. Sleep brings dreams along with it. Dreams manipulate eyes to be shut with their beauty. They appear beautiful because they are different from reality. Reality is cruel truth but, dreams are beautiful lies.

Menacing Effects of Oversleeping
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It takes a lot of willpower to come out of the dream. They let us enjoy the life which we cannot have in real. Dreams are the main reason for sleep to extend for more time than required. Laziness is another reason for oversleeping. The maximum to be dedicated to sleep is 8 hours. If it exceeds, then the body becomes a victim of side effects. Time dedicated to sleep should neither be less nor more. In either case, the body faces a lot of side effects.

Menacing Effects of Oversleeping
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Oversleeping disturbs the balance maintained by all the organs of the body. Though it feels good to sleep more, its effects start disturbing the body. Let’s have a glance at the unfavorable effects of oversleeping.


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The body’s ability to process glucose is disturbed due to oversleeping. This results in type 2 diabetes. In the case of type 2 diabetes, the body doesn’t produce enough insulin. It shows resistance to insulin.

This kind of diabetes is treatable. It requires a medical diagnosis. Type 2 diabetes may last for years or lifelong. To avoid, having the baggage of diabetes on the shoulder, oversleeping must be avoided.


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Oversleeping makes one’s body become lazy. As a result of which one refuses physical exercise. Finally, the body will become prey to obesity. The feel of drowsiness due to oversleeping prevents one from performing physical activities.       

Fat gets accumulated in several areas of the body, which makes it difficult to walk. The other problems which come with obesity are aches in joints, heels, and legs. It should be avoided to stay physically fit and avoid aches.


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One of the effects of oversleeping is headaches. When one wakes up after long hours of sleep, one becomes a victim of brain fog. Brain fog includes the inability to focus or think clearly. Along with brain fog, there is a constant ache in the head.

Headache is caused due to dehydration. Lack of liquids in the body for several hours is the cause of dehydration. In order to stay active, one must avoid oversleeping.

Increased Pain

Increased Pain
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Sleeping for more time in unsuitable positions makes the muscles stiff. When muscles get stiff, the pain increases. Movement of the body helps in maintaining the proper circulation of blood. But, oversleeping disturbs it, which leads to pain. Oversleeping is not good for back as well. It also increases back pains.

Premature Aging

Premature Aging
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Oversleeping cause the brain to age faster by 2 years. Older adults are more prone to premature aging. Premature aging reduces concentration. It also disturbs one’s ability to perform daily basic tasks. It can also increase the risk of developing mental degenerative disorders. It is best to avoid oversleeping to stay mentally fit.

Heart disease

Heart disease
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Sleeping more than usual increases the risks of coronary heart disease. Coronary heart disease is a disease in the heart’s coronary blood vessels. This includes the narrowing of coronary arteries and reduced blood flow to the heart.

Oversleeping increases the risk of stroke by 85%. People sleeping more than 8 hours are more prone to angina. Angina is a kind of chest pain caused due to reduced blood flow.


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When sleeping time increases, the body is more likely to experience inflammation. Oversleeping increases levels of cytokines. Cytokines are a type of protein.

Inflammation is measured in terms of levels of cytokines. When levels of cytokines increase, inflammation also increases. Inflammation is also caused due to obesity which in turn is a result of sleeping excessively.

Sleep hangover

Tiredness caused due to oversleeping is known as sleep hangover. It causes people to feel drowsy all the time. Other effects of sleep hangover are lack of concentration, lack of thinking capacity, anxiety, etc.

Sleep hangover forces one to return to bed even after waking up. It is better to avoid excess sleeping than spending the day like a zombie.

Brain impairment

Brain impairment
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Oversleeping reduces memory power. It also affects the ability of the brain to process information. The cognitive function of the brain decreases.

Using data from Lumosity brain-training platform, researchers found that cognitive performance worsens due to excess sleeping.


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Long sleep increases the mortality rate. The actual reason has not been determined yet. All the effect of oversleeping if ignored causes death.

The conclusion is oversleeping can be dangerous. In order to stay physically and mentally fit, it should be avoided. Dreams should not be the reason behind sleeping for more time. They should be the reason to avoid oversleeping because – ‘Dreams are not what you see in sleep, they are something that does not let you sleep.’

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