4 Lesser Known Reasons behind ADHD

ADHD is Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, this is a chronic disorder, and it can get more severe if the treatment is not done on time. The two main aspects of ADHD include inattention and hyperactivity; those children who have this disorder are seen as impulsive, impatient, don’t pay attention to anything. They are always seen in a hurry.

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Even in their classrooms, they can’t sit for a longer time, they would either make excuses to go out of class, or if they would be present, they won’t pay attention. They can’t control their responses due to their impulsive behaviour. 

Due to their hyperactivity and inattention may sometimes risk themselves such as injuries or serious accidents. ADHD was initially considered genetic, but by the time neurologists and psychologists have come across the cases in which the disorder was not hereditary, it was due to environmental factors.

In this article, we will be discussing its symptoms, when it occurs, and the treatment for it.


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ADHD is usually developed in children below the age of 12 years, most probably around 4-5 years; its symptoms can be noticed, it rarely develops in adults.

  • Unorganized
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    Children undergoing ADHD are prone to inattention; they lack concentration and do not pay attention to whatever is happening around them. They keep them unorganised and can’t control their impulses.

    It also affects a child’s academics because the concentration level of the child’s mind is very low. They can’t remember something for very long.

  • Self-Centered Behaviour
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    Another symptom of ADHD is the child is so impatient that they don’t wait or can’t acknowledge other’s feelings; they can’t gratify their desires which even creates a disturbance for others around them.

    For instance- Imagine yourself sitting in a quiet room doing your office work, and suddenly your son comes in and starts switching on and off the fan and lights of the room; they don’t even stop here. They might find something else.

    So, at times it can create an irritating environment for others around the affected child, but you should understand that the child is also going through a mental illness; rather than shouting at them at the moment, try to convince the child calmly.

  • Emotional Chaos/ Confusion
  • Source: ADDitude

    Younger children who have ADHD might show some aggressive tantrums because they can’t control or manage their emotions. Even children of 12 -13 years of age might also show aggressive behaviour sometimes.

  • Fidget
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    This is the most common symptom of ADHD; children are so hyperactive that they can even stand still or sit in a position for long; when they are compelled to do so, they might fidget or run around.

  • Incomplete Tasks
  • ADHD
    Source: The Indian Practitioner

    Children initially may show interest in a task, but due to their impulsivity, they might, after some time, leave that without completing it.

    For instance- If they are drawing something initially, they will feel very excited and show enthusiasm. Still, later, slowly, you will notice they will leave that in the middle and indulge themselves in any other activity.

    These have commonly occurred symptoms of ADHD; if you see these kinds of symptoms in any child and they last from 6-12 months, you should get them diagnosed.

    ADHD Being Common

  • Genetic And Environmental Factor
  • Source: psycom.net

    ADHD was initially usual in some children whose parents have suffered from it in their childhood or even if anyone in their family had suffered, but now it can be seen in every 1 in 10 children. 

    Its causes are still unknown, but it is strongly believed that it develops due to genetic factors. Still, slowly environment has also started affecting it because of toxins present in the environment.

  • Brain Functioning And Anatomy Factor
  • Source: ADDitude

    It may be caused due to slow activity in the parts of the brain responsible for controlling impulses and attention; that’s why it is called ADHD attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

  • Brain Injuries Factor
  • Source: HelpGuide

    ADHD is so familiar with brain injuries as they slow down the brain’s functioning, and the person may feel impatient and sometimes agitated when their needs and desires remain unfulfilled.

  • Premature Factors
  • Source: Psycom.net

    If a child is born premature, the risk of ADHD becomes even more because their brain might not be properly developed, leading to ADHD.

    These factors can lead to ADHD; primarily, children of 5-7 years of age are seen affected by ADHD.


    Source: The New York Times

    ADHD can be with the help of therapies and medications; besides this, you may ask your doctor what additions you can put in your child’s diet to reduce the amount of sugar in the diet as sugar promotes hyperactivity.

  • Therapy
    1. Support group therapy
    2. Cognitive-behavioural therapy
    3. Anger management therapy
    4. Counselling 
    5. Psychoeducation [ making them aware of mental health]
    6. Family Therapy
    7. Applied behaviour analysis method

  • Medication
    1. Stimulants
    2. Cognition enhancing medicine
    3. Antihypertensive medicine
    Source: ADDitude

    ADHD can be adequately treated; its medication and therapies keep innovating; doctors are now aware of many new techniques, medicines and treatments that will show immense improvement. If you want your child to be treated as early as possible, don’t neglect the symptoms; if you see any of the symptoms mentioned in this article, then immediately go and get it diagnosed.

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