Is House of the Dragons Better Than GoT?


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Is house of the dragons better than GoT

House of the Dragons is a great show: it’s got everything you want in a TV show: action, drama, plot twists and turns, etcetera. And it’s shot really well—the CGI is top-notch and makes the scenes feel real. The acting is also great. I mean, when you look at who we have on board (if you haven’t watched the last season yet), you can’t help but be impressed by how many big names are involved!

Is House of the Dragons Better Than GoT?

The production value is high, too; they are not just doing House of the Dragons—they are making an entire franchise out of it! They’ve already filmed two seasons, and there’s already talk about another season coming up soon. But what about GoT? Do I need to watch GoT before watching House of the Dragons? No way! Both shows are different from each other in terms of content.

The Hype: Justified

The hype for House of the Dragons is so high it’s hard to believe. HotD is basically a prequel to the GoT. Is it justified? We’ll let you judge that. But we are here to help you find out whether the House of the Dragons is living up to its hype and what you can expect from this show in the future. First off, let’s look at how well it’s performing. With over 3 million viewers per episode, House of the Dragons certainly has some staying power.

It’s also performing more strongly than GoT did at its height—and that show had a larger budget than House of the Dragons! If you love dragons and want to see them fight each other in an epic battle for supremacy over humanity, then House of the Dragons is definitely worth watching! 

The Plotline

The plot is set 127 years prior to the birth of the mother of dragons, Daenerys. Then the seven kingdoms of Westeros were ruled by the house Targaryen. We see the time of king Viserys the first, who declares Rhenyera, his firstborn daughter, as next in line to the iron throne. Seemingly no woman ruler had taken the iron seat, and soon new conflicts on the throne started with Rhenyera and her childhood friend Alicent Hightower who has married Viserys and brought forth two sons and a daughter. She wished her firstborn son to be king. She, her father Otto Hightower, the hand of the King, starts conspiring against the crown to usurp the Throne.

Rhenyera, being unrelenting, bites back hard with her dragons. The wild card among them all has to be Daemon Targaryen. He’s a villain with a heart. He is Rhenyera’s uncle and his lover; well, that’s pretty normal in GoT-verse. The plot is closely knit, with a lot going on. If you are a fan of power politics and dragons, then this is the show for you. The dragons are awe-inspiring, to say the least. They are incredibly detailed, and the CGI is done quite nicely.

The Stellar Performances

The cast of this show has acted incredibly well, portraying their characters with meticulous details. Milly Alcock and Olivia Cooke as young Rhenyera and Alicent, Emma D’arcy and Emily Carey playing adult Rhenyera and Alicent, have acted simply amazing. Matt Smith as the rogue prince, Daemon Targaryen, is breathtaking, to say the least. He’s become the internet’s favorite in the past few days. His famous dialogue, “He can keep his tongue,” seems to have left quite an impression on the viewers. Paddy Cosidine has also given a phenomenal performance as Viserys the first. He brought the viewers to tears with his acting.

New Season: Incoming

Good news! House of the Dragons season 2 has been picked up! We simply can’t wait to catch up with our favorite dragon riders and dragons next week. All across the world, millions of people love this epic saga about dragons and magic: House of the Dragons. Season 2 is coming very soon, and we can’t wait for you to see this amazing show! House of the Dragons is a worldwide phenomenon.


That said, there are still plenty of people who think that House of the Dragons is not as amazing as Game of Thrones because they think it lacks depth. But if you want a show with more action and less character development, this one may not be for you—it’s definitely focused on story arcs rather than individual characters.

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