Inspiration and the 7 Quick Places to Find It

What are we without inspiration? Definitely lifeless and aimless. Even robots are programmed to have a certain aim or Target. But if we proceed without one, then the entire point of existence is nullified. With inspiration comes positivity, with positivity comes compassion, with compassion comes the zeal to perform a task. It’s a big cycle! Let’s get you first going with some places where you can draw daily inspiration from. 




  • The process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative.

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Imagine yourself thinking of executing a task. You are all prepped and pumped for it. Then suddenly you lose the motivation to do it. How will it feel? Helpless. Right? You won’t know what strikes or what will happen to take that motivation away. It’s like a dandelion, which can part and blow into the wind anytime, anywhere. 

In such times, it this dandelion collector called ‘inspiration’ that comes in handy. How to go about is the actual task. If one is desperate enough, they can find inspiration in the smallest of things, in the most basic ones and ones where no one thought inspiration could exist. Keep an open mind and arms open to anything that has the capability to strike and inspire. 

10 Places to Find Inspiration

Being inspired is the motivation positive that can happen to anyone. You can be inspired by another person, the struggle people go through can also inspire you in one way or another. These are termed as ‘motivational inspiration’. Subsequently, there are everyday stuff listed down below which can in an instant, hook you up with inspiration. Sit back. Read. Move on with us to see where all does this nymph called inspiration resides. 


“An emotion so common, yet so complicated”. This is a line taken from my journal. Read it over and you will get the gravity of it. Think of that time you had your best laugh. If this does not help, see others around you who laugh freely, and hearty. This crazy emotion of laughing is something that absolutely will fill you up with positivity and happiness

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Even better, try out laughing. Keep the idea of keeping yourself happy all the time an inspiration for all your endeavors. 

Get Your Daily Dose of Positivity

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Nobody can be positive all the time (except for a proton!). But there are systems in place that can prove profitable to refuel your “Positivity Tanks”. A major contribution to this has been made by the diligent sponsor called social media. Butt loads of positive and negative emotions play on this platform. But then there are so many handles and blogs like hintsoflife that work day in and out to transfer a lot of inspiration and positivity through the screens.  

Reaffirm Yourself on a Daily Basis 

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It is quite common to lose interest or the intention to pursue something. But what will get you the best results are those things that you say to yourself. There are power words, which when chanted regularly can yield powerful results. Try the word ‘Together’ and infuse it in your daily affirmations. This word is the motivation powerful one in the spiritual word. Or make up your own affirmations like ‘I am Powerful’, “I will be a better version of myself”,”Together we are limitless”. 

Breathe Deeply

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A very random and everyday act of breathing, if done mindfully and with intention can create a magical effect. Be grateful for the fact that you can get air to breathe and a lot of it is keeping you alive. Breathing deeply in itself is a big healer. Inhale all the good stuff and breathe out all that negativity. 

Be Grateful for Your Surroundings

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Look around yourself. The things you have brought for yourself, the nature around you, the living breathing animals and plants, the phenomenal creation that is woven around you each day, is something to be grateful and take inspiration from. Adopt an appreciatory outlook towards everything in life. 

Clear Up

A lot of negativity builds up if you have so much stuff lying around in a mess. Clearing up and de-cluttering will give you a more organized and personalized space to work with. Also, a messed up workstation only shows a very unorganized mental state. 

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Get some inspiration by making amends to achieve a clean, tidy and neat setup. 

Hone your Inspiration Creative Skills

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Becoming a robot in this automated world will only allow you to earn big bucks. But there in between will come a time, where you will be wanting to look for purpose or inspiration as to why do the things the way they have been going about? In such times, having a creative vent can be helpful. Create something, write something, paint something, build something. All these will erect such a profound effect on your psyche that you will be boosted and pumped to the next level.  

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