10 Innovative Room Decor Ideas!

You can know a lot about an individual by the way he/she maintains their room and how they have furnished it. Everyone wants to have a room of their fancy.
Imagination and creativity go hand in hand. So to have a room of your choice, first, you have to choose wisely. Many unique decoration concepts can jazz up your bedroom to match your vibe.

Is it possible to decorate an already made designed room? Of course! What are the elements to elevate a boring room? Which are the easy but impressive decorations for a bedroom?

This article will help you improve your bedroom decor and spice up your room’s whole look in the easiest way you can.

10 Innovative Room Decor Ideas!

1. Wooden Hanging Chairs

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Everything attached to the floor and walls is quite common from old times. People these days are preferring hanging wooden or woolen chairs from the ceiling. These floating chairs provide a unique look to your room and give an additional comfortable sitting zone. Installing a wooden hanging chair would upgrade your room’s whole look and a statement piece that can be used to distract the eyes from the mess in your room.

This is cool stuff that you must try.

2. Fairy Lights

Source – Makaan.com

This is not the early 60s where people want an over glamorous chandelier in their room. It is the era where people wish to have soothing and warm lights across the room. These lights are trending on the internet currently, and without a doubt, they also level up the aesthetics of your room decor. They are also very calming and do not strain your eyes, so it is a win-win.

Fairy lights not only provide you with all the above but also gives a distinct look to them. You can decorate various photos over the wall tangled in fairy light or simply bottle them in transparent glass bottles of different colors.

3. Integrated or Revolving Bookshelves

Source – Harryandthehound

Books are a genuine part of your life, which always stay with you. It may be essential files, favorite novels, or personal diaries.

Having rotating bookshelves enhances space utilization and integrated bookshelves help to merge other furniture together.

Circular or rectangular bookshelves can collect many books together in a smaller space. This room decor great idea for people who have vast and spacious rooms, but it also works for people who have small rooms; make sure that you do not go overboard with chunky and heavy furniture pieces in your room.

4. Wall Paintings

Source – Interior design

Wall paintings project your imagination over walls. It does not have to be a wall painting; it could be posters, which would be a much cheaper alternative. There are a variety of posters that are available in good quality. You can go for wall painting, but you have to make sure that they complement the room’s color palette and liven up your whole room instead of making it look congested and stuffy.

Fairy paintings, Tree paintings, Butterfly paintings, Bird paintings, paintings of music and dance, and many others can beautifully decorate the walls of lovely bedrooms.

5. Scented Candles and Woven Baskets

Source – Freepik

The fragrance is an element that can refresh your mood in just a few seconds.
Entering a lovely scented room after a tedious day will remove all your stress and tiredness. Scented candles are not only aesthetically pleasing but also calm you and help you relax.

Source – Farmhousehub

To keep mini and valuable things of routine usage, you don’t need many drawers. All you need are some natural and handwoven woolen baskets. These woven baskets will make your room decor innovative. Now, these woven baskets could act like an organizer and not only save space and store so many things but they will also add an aesthetic vibe to your room.

6. DIY Cloud Lamps

Source – Diyprojectsforteens

A ceiling lightened up by cute, snowy clouds with hanging white fairy lights and lamps will maintain the cuteness of your personality in your room. Many snowy, lightened clouds over the bed will provide you with a ray of hope in your bad times. You do not need to restrict yourself to just cloud lamps; you can do a bunch of DIYs and make your room beautiful. It will spread positivity in the room.

7. Paper Birds Wing Chain

Source – Osaka Crafts

Let’s add color to your monotonous and dull life. Crafting colorful birds and butterflies from paper and hanging in colorful threads in a circular ring is easy. You can also make your dreamcatcher or even purchase a few; dreamcatchers tend to make your room look more spacious and calm. Apply them at the windows so that the cold breeze flitter its wings and make it real.

8. Multifunctional Bed

Source – Designlike

A bed concerned with shelves, drawers, charging plugs, couch and table is considered a multifunctional bed. This not only highly reduces extra furniture in your room but also implies a smart storage plan. It provides extra space and a more managed look, makes your bed, smart bed!

There are many unique ways for beautiful room decor like putting pictures, lighting, paper crafts, handmade sculptures, well-planned wall colors, and inquisitive ceilings.

9. Tiny Coffee Tables

Source – Unsplash

These tiny coffee tables can help with multiple uses, and you can even keep your scented candles on them. You can use that as a laptop stand or just a place to sit quietly in your corner and just be yourself and relax. Or it can be used only as a prop to balance your room decor out. Either way, it is an innovative and useful investment.

10. Adding Rugs

Source – Livingsocial

Choosing a rug of your choice and making sure that it checks all the boxes from above can be quite a task, but you have to make sure that it fits all of these factors; otherwise, having a rug in your room is quite pointless, to be honest. Apart from that, the rugs can also be used as a decoration piece or a statement piece in your room.
A pleasant room makes for a pleasant personality and a lovely day. All that you need is to love yourself and everything positive around you. Your room resembles your character and the way you are. Apart from that, no one likes being home in a messy room or just coming back home to a cluttered, dirty, dull room. Using a few of these tips, you can really change your room’s look and make it more aesthetically pleasing to your eye.

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