9 Indian Designer Boutiques In The Fashion World

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Attire is a primary aspect of personality that creates the first impression on anyone. Hence, it must be in a way that reflects you as you are and how you would like others to see and perceive the way you are.

In today’s era, fashion has earned a significant role in people’s lives. It is just more than a dress; people have actually started paying attention to how they dress and the way they look.

Everyone wants to look unique, trending, and fashionable. To be unique and stand out in a room in a good way, you need to purchase designs and cuts that suit your personality and what you feel comfortable in, rather than chasing the clout fashion and making yourself uncomfortable.

So, you must be well aware of the various Indian designer boutiques ruling the current world. Let’s name them in the order of their fashion quotient and popularity.

9 Indian Designer Boutiques In The Fashion World

1. Manish Malhotra

Source – Pinterest

Who doesn’t know Manish Malhotra? He is the king of today’s Bollywood and celebrity costumes. The company fabricates every corner of the cloth in a captivating, compelling, and cherished manner. Designing is a free-spirited art to nourish the entire development of a personality. They are pretty unique in design, and the intricate work on each of the dresses the company manufactures will steal your breath away.

2. AM:PM

Source – Carmaonlineshop

The Indian designer boutiques derive their name from their two talented owners, Ankur Modi and Priyanka Modi. They have a range of classy and subtle dresses. They are recognized for their genuine fabric, captivating colors, and delineation. This boutique uses the modern Indian aesthetic, and if you are heavily into that kind of fashion, and if you feel as though your personality and vibe, you should totally check them out.

3. Tarun Tahiliani

Source – Magicpin

The Indian designer boutique that represented India for the first time in Milan fashion week is this world-renowned designer boutique. They are famous for traditional Indian wedding dresses, elegant party wears, suits, and everything you need. This boutique combines both the whole concept of modern culture with the rich traditional culture with their designs and lehengas, especially their saree gowns.

4. Ritu Kumar

 Indian designer boutique
Source – VRChennai

Again, she is one of the most demanding designers in Bollywood, renowned for luxury brands, finest clothing, and striking designs. She has set up her creativity in Kolkata, Mumbai, Delhi, Punjab, Bangalore, Pune, Ahmadabad, and Chandigarh. This is the largest brand in India and is also well known for creating employment opportunities in underdeveloped areas. The Ritu Kumar brand itself does not need any introduction and is well known for its exquisite pieces.

5. Anita Dongre

Source – Theprofessionaltimes

Her dresses have a taste of unique Rajasthani cultural heritage. They are greatly inspired by the Rajasthan culture. Bridal dresses, pert and gold jewelry, and an engaging blend of modern cultural traditions remark her art. The designer says that she has always known that she wanted to be a fashion designer, and now, her boutique aims to give rural women employment opportunities. This Indian designer boutique only creates and sells sustainable fashion, so if you are someone who is into the whole concept of sustainable fashion, this is the boutique that is meant for you.

6. Satya Paul

Source – DLFmallofIndia

After its establishment in 1985, this Indian designer boutique has never looked back and attained great heights in fashion. He is one of the labeled premiers designers of the international fashion world. Vibrant colors and ravishing dresses are his identities. His boutiques at Kolkata, Mumbai, Lucknow, Delhi, Chennai, and Jaipur. This brand is known for its indigenous creations and prints that are pretty popular. Well known for their vivid color palette, their creations are a treat for the eyes.

7. Shivan and Narresh

Source – Vogue

The Indian designer boutique has introduced 1st luxury swimwear in India with the great advantage of 100% stitch-free swim line costumes. They have introduced Lycra and Bikini sarees as some of the most revolutionary creations of swimwear. Moreover, their bold, artsy designs will make you want to buy all of their collections, and they are well known for their sophisticated fashion.

8. Manish Arora

Source – Retail4growth

This Indian designer boutique reveals a medley of incredible craftsmanship and colors. It provides elegant contemporary art of animal tops, vibe skirts, Dreamweaver tops, and various vibe tops. It has multiple branches in Mumbai, Delhi, and Noida. This designer is well known for a psychedelic color palette and kitsch motifs, and if you are someone who matches this color palette, this is definitely your boutique.

9. Nappa Dori

Source – Nappadori

One of the most awaited designers of Bollywood and high-profile societies presents a stunning collection with Indian sensibilities. It produces a superior blend of contemporary designs and materials. This Indian designer boutique reveals its meaning to be ‘ Needle and Thread.’ This boutique has carefully curated contemporary designs which will appeal to you aesthetically. The whole concept of minimalism heavily inspires this brand, so if your vibe and your fashion choices lean more towards the concept of minimalism, this is your boutique.

Fashion is a glamorous world, where everyone wants to dive in with admirable esteem and glancing views. No one wants to lag in elegance, and neither should you.

Designing is an art and one of the most desired demands of the fashion world. One needs to be updated and fashionable to have a unique and admirable attire. Let’s compel people to not only admire but also crave for us!

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