9 Important Life Management Tips For Students

With the onset of the pandemic in 2020, the school’s whole campus has become confined to a small screen for the students, minus the fun, the interactions, and the feel and rush for going to school. Years of classroom learning changed to online classes overnight. These times are very stressful for working people, business owners, and various other professions. Still, it has been equally stressful for students and teachers, who have had to become tech-savvy to keep the education process going. The students have been finding it tough to grasp knowledge through a small screen.

However, some of the following methods can help them manage their studies and lives in this situation and make it a bit easier to learn.

9 Important Life Management Tips For Students

1. Having A Routine

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As basic as this may sound, having a routine is beneficial in the long run. In times like these, when the home and the school have become tangled in a combined space, setting aside designated time for school work and personal life is vital and can gear you to be more productive and motivated. As soon as you get the schedule for online classes and the assignments, incorporate them into your routine in specific time slots, which will make it easier to follow what needs to be done and when. Time management was crucial in the pre-pandemic times, and in the new normal, having a routine really helps.

2. Keeping A Planner

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With the days and nights becoming one in these stay-at-home days, having a planner comes in handy to keep track of time. The various benefits of a planner are:

  • It lets you divide the timings for your online classes and know which time slots you have empty and when you can add on more tasks.
  • It allows you to stay on pace and complete tasks in time with early planning. With proper planning, you can start early and finish early!
  •  You can also demarcate your ‘me’ time or the times you want to spend with family and others using a planner.

There are many planners available in the market, but you can DIY one if you want to get creative. There are also many digital spaces like Google Calendar, which let you plan your days, weeks, and months. Google Calendar can be synced across your devices, which makes it more convenient.

3. Getting Tech-savvy

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Get yourself acquainted beforehand with the platforms that you will be using for your online classes. Get used to Google meet and Zoom, or any other platform which will be used for classes. Log in to your classes and exams a few minutes earlier to avoid any last-minute network issues. Also, learning how to e-mail effectively might be a valuable skill to develop since it will be used more than before.

4. Making A Reference Page

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Since having online classes needs you to sign up for various platforms, it is helpful to have a reference page where you can store website and password details. You can also keep your teachers’ information and their contact details for easier and quicker access.

5. Having A Study Space

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Having a designated study area for online classes can help in proper focus and concentration. Keep all the necessities handy when you sit down for classes- books and notebooks, stationery items like pens and pencils, sticky notes, planner, etc., so you don’t have to keep moving to get things. Don’t forget to also keep a water bottle near you to keep yourself hydrated.

6. Eliminating Distractions During Online Classes

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It is now easier to just join an online class and do something else instead of listening to the teachers since we are not physically present in the classroom. But doing this is harmful in the long run since a lot of information is given during online classes, which we then miss out on. So, it is necessary to eliminate distractions.

Keep your phone away from you if you are doing classes from your desktop or laptop. Also, avoid switching between tabs and going on to different apps. Not only does this help with your studies, but it also avoids any dreaded technological mishaps like unknowingly keeping your microphone on or missing out when the teacher calls your name.

7. Turn In Your Assignments Early

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With all education-related activities happening online, it is essential to turn in your assignments and papers a little before the due date. Technology can fail you, especially in times like these when almost everyone is using the internet. Internet connections can be choppy, the websites may crash, and there are probably other classmates who are trying to submit their assignments minutes before the deadline, leading to a lot of website traffic.

Plan accordingly, start early, and finish early to save yourself from such last-minute stress.

8. Communicating With Teachers

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There can be many instances when you miss out on classes or have some problems at home due to poor connection, due to which you can not complete your assignments on time. Whatever the problem is, communicate and let your professor know. In these times when you cannot meet your teachers physically, it is essential to let them know of any difficulties you are facing in adjusting to the online-mode of learning.

9. Giving Yourself Some ‘Me’ Time

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Lastly, it is also essential to have some ‘me’ time for yourself. With the whole day spent doing online classes and the massive pile of tasks you get, it is easy to lose focus and feel disoriented. If possible, set aside a day in the week for yourself to focus on yourself. Give yourself a relaxing bath, light some aromatic candles, eat your favorite foods, and just indulge in everything you haven’t been able to do on other days.

This acts as a reset button and helps you prepare for the busy week ahead. Looking after your mental health is just as important as keeping yourself fit. Having an off day lets you relax and recharge from the busy times you’ve had and set off for the future with a fresh mind.

We know the past year has been challenging, and times are still difficult, but life and online classes might become at least a bit easier and bearable with the help of these methods. Keep yourself focused and organized, and good grades are bound to follow.

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