Impacts of Nakshatra On Your Life

Do you also believe in the zodiac in signs and constellations?
Do you think that certain stars in the sky are ruling your destiny?

Do the mesmerizing twinkling lights of the sky have a crucial impact on people’s lives? What is Nakshatra and how much it matters to you?
Is it an irrelevant superstition or logical science?

Let’s explore the answers to all this stuff in one go!

What is Nakshatra?

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Nakshatra is a lunar mansion of a collection of the specific shape of stars in the sky, also known as a constellation. According to Hindu mythology, it is an incredible creation of Daksha. Nakshatra is none other than the daughters of Daksha and wives of Chandra(moon).

There are 27 Nakshatra in the sky based on their shapes; there is a lord of each Nakshatra. Each lord possesses 3 of these to uphold.

Hence, there are 9 lords of Nakshatra. Each has its specific symbol, attributes, and planetary motion.

How Does It Impact Everyone?

According to Hindu mythology, each individual is born in a certain time of stars, the presence of a specific planet in specific Nakshatra determines your birth zodiac sign and birth Nakshatra.

The 27 Nakshatra possess Ashvini, Rohina, Bharni, Kritika, Mrigshira, Ardha, Jyeshth, Anuradha, Megha, Chitra, and many more. Each has its particular effect on each zodiac.

Every Nakshatra clarifies a set time for your action, which imposes its effects on your life.

So here is the description of major one who have significant effects:

Dhruv Nakshatra

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This decides the most auspicious time for the coronation, planting of trees, the foundation of places, permanent establishments, seed sowing, cessation time, and things related to it.

If any of these activities are initiated at the wrong time of Dhruv Nakshatra; then the consequence would be harsh. All the 3 Uttara and Rohini are a part of it.

Daruna or Tikshna

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It is a negative Nakshatra that involves auspicious time for the success of the arise of goblins, imprisonment, attacks, murders, separation of friends, black magic and loved ones, blackmailing, and any other dark work.

It is ruled by Ardra, Jyeshtha, Mula, and Ashlesha.


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This involves the auspicious time for use of weapons, success in ruining enemies, devastation, defeats, imprisonment, poisoning, and activities alike.

It includes Purvasadhya, Purvaphalguni, Purvabhadhra, Bharani, and Magha.


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It provides an auspicious time for starting skilled work, fine arts, ornament making, lending or borrowing, trade, sports, education, medical treatment, and things alike.

It involves Abhijeet, Hastgat, Ashwini, and Pushya.


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It provides a holy time gesture for auspicious functions like marriages, sexual union, expensive purchasing, wearing new garments, and singing.

It includes Revati, Anuradha, Chitra, and Mrigasira.


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It provides the auspicious time for ephemeral things that are hard to believe. It involves Kritikka and Vishakha.

All you should know about yourself

Nakshatra determines your personality and nature, the kind of work which will be done by you in the future. They provide specific muhurta for any auspicious work. Account to Shastra, every work should be started in an auspicious time for its success, decided by the position of stars and other planets.

Mainly, the moon position is considered to determine them. In Indian astrology, these have a major role in future forecasting. Still, destiny can be altered by firm willpower and strong dedication. Your deeds and thoughts have the capability to change the consequences.

Every action has an equal and opposite reaction, so do good and have good.

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