How to be happy in any circumstances?

Akanksha Jaswal

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How to be happy in any circumstances?

Happiness is a totally individualistic feeling. It varies from one person to another, and I can assure you that everyone wishes for it. Many people always wear a frowning question on their faces asking things such as
“Why I am not happy?”
“Why I feel sad most of the time?”
“How can I feel happy?”
“What is the source of happiness?”

The web is full of answers to these questions, and the web would teach you how to attain happiness, but the web won’t give you your happiness.

Be content

Contentment is the key to happiness. People are after materialistic pursuits and fail to achieve genuine satisfaction. There is blind greed for more, and no matter how much one receives, complete satisfaction becomes hard to achieve. This gives rise to sadness and negative emotions in a person.

If a person is never content, they can never be happy. There are people with billions of dollars struggling for happiness, while people in huts sleep with a smile on, only because they are content.

Don’t compare

Comparison kills happiness. It becomes a reason for constant worry. Comparing your life with someone else’s leads you towards a state of jealousy and animosity: the two slow poisons for the heart and mind. If one does not compare their joys or sufferings with the neighbor next door, then one can easily be happy.

Never regret

We all make mistakes and learn important lessons. There are a set of people who overthink their choices and decisions and end up regretting them. Regret leads to unavoidable guilt, which is very harmful. People who regret often aren’t confident about their dealings of life and can easily get sad, whereas people who don’t, are happy without any guilt.

Avoid Complaining

Many of us develop this attitude of complaining about the simplest things. People who complain can never enjoy simple moments or be happy because they are too focused on noticing faults and complaining. It makes them ignore happiness, and they find it hard to enjoy the simplest of joys.

Quality Sleep

Quality sleep is essential to be happy. Good quality sleep helps to determine your mood. It can remove irritation and moodiness from your lifestyle. Eight hours of sleep daily is the first step towards being happy.

Develop a hobby

Hobbies instantly light up the mood and make you happy. It improves one’s creativity and refines talent. If one focuses on one’s hobby for even 15 minutes a day, then one can find happiness in it. Hobbies such as writing, painting, singing, dancing, playing sports can instantly brighten your mood.


Talking is a simple and easy remedy for any problem. When you speak what you feel, you feel great. Talking to an old-school friend, family member, or loved one makes you happy. Thus, talking is something that should not be avoided because bottling things inside only makes you bitter and sad, but speaking your heart out makes you happy and calm.

Forgive and Forget

A simple and happy life can be led if one develops the practice of forgiveness and forgetting. Most people cannot be happy because they are busy holding grudges against others and this kills happiness to a great extent. If one forgives others for their mistakes, they can make life easy for themselves. Forgetting what people have done wrong to you and forgiving them can help you achieve happiness.

Don’t dwell in past

People are unhappy because of their past, but they fail to acknowledge that what is gone is gone and cannot be changed, so instead of crying over what’s lost, and what went wrong, one should primarily focus on what’s happening. Living in the present and enjoying the present state to the fullest adds to happiness, and dwelling in the past kills it.

Be Optimistic

People who see the negative side of things or situations often land up in a pool of sadness, whereas people who see the positives, no matter how hard times or situations get, remain content and happy. If you focus on the good, you’ll be happy, but you’ll be full of sadness and guilt if you focus on the negative and bad. Thus, staying optimistic is a great step towards achieving happiness.


Currently, achieving happiness can be really hard. People are content but not happy. They often need a life coach to teach them how to feel happy and be happy. Happiness is not a myth, you can feel happy by just trying to be happy. For some happiness is the easiest thing but for some nothing is harder than this. Thus being happy isn’t something very hard. It’s You who has to take the steering and ride till you reach your destination called Happiness and this article will tell you about some steps if followed will guarantee you desired happiness.

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