How do your eating habits define you?

“You are what you eat.”
We are well versed with this famous liner that simply states that our eating defines us. All know that our health is directly proportional to what we eat.


With the fast pacing life, we want everything easy, quick, and can be made without putting in much effort. There is a flourishing new trend of packaged foods everywhere. Following the trend being preached, it’s a new convenient food.


With the availability of modern food and several options to cater to the needs of the customer, there is a great slide towards these quick go-to food options. There is an increasing interest of people towards packaged, pre-packaged, canned, convenience, dehydrated, frozen, fast, processed, and tinned food.


People these days prefer food that can be made effortlessly. Eating healthy is lacking currently. According to several food surveys, the trend is quick unhealthy food also known as A Shift towards the easy.


“People who eat healthy live comparatively longer in comparison to the rest.”
Immemorial healthy eating has always been stressed upon. Since childhood, parents have tried to give their children healthy food. Healthy eating is not only good for your body, but if you eat healthily, your brain also stays healthy. Eating healthy helps your body to work efficiently.


Eating healthy keeps a check on several diseases. Whenever you get sick and rush to the hospital, one thing that any doctor suggests is healthy eating. You are asked to follow several diet charts till you get well. Eating healthy helps you to recover fast. Several Yogis and nutritionists suggest eating healthy as a measure to stay away from several diseases.


The fashion being followed nowadays is forcing the slim waist mentality and low weight body. People are rushing to the gyms not because they want to be fit but want bodies like models. Due to these continuing western fashion trends and body figures, everyone is wishing for a glass-like body. There are several incidents of girls fasting constantly for more than a month and not eating much, just to fit into the model size.


If you think starving yourself will make you slim, you are completely wrong. Eating packaged or canned food isn’t beneficial at all for the health.

Eat healthy

Eating healthy can help in weight loss. It’s a false notion that you can reduce weight by not eating anything. Starving can lead to severe body diseases.

Are Packaged foods healthy?

We buy packaged food cans, frozen food and consider it healthy, but it is a lesser-known fact that these packaged foods have a lot of toxins present in them, which are dangerous for the health. Fresh organic food is the best healthy food that you can go for.


Healthy food such as green vegetables, fruits, and several dairy products are important for the body.


Junk processed food makes your heart live a little less. Less junk food and low-fat dairy products help in monitoring your cholesterol levels. Eating too much canned food can help in increasing blood pressure. Thus, eating healthy keeps the heart healthy. Healthy food including dry fruits helps in easing the brain cells, ensures improved memory, and great health of the brain.


Eating healthy food and not fried or frozen food keeps a check on the body weight. The most common problem tracked in teens and adults these days is obesity, and the sole reason for it is faulty food habits. It is observed that people who eat healthily have a fewer risk of being obese.


Healthy food provides your body the desired nourishment for its effective working. If you eat healthily, your energy levels rise in comparison to all other packaged and canned foods, you are in a good mood while eating unhealthy food makes you lazy and keeps your mood low too. Thus, your mood is proportional to what you eat.


Many people have complaints of indigestion. This is because we don’t eat healthily. Eating junk and processed food is very hard to digest. If you eat healthily, you increase your rate of digestion, and the body easily digests the food. If the food gets digested properly, then you’ll sleep better.


Summing up your body definitely defines you and you define yourself. But in this whole process, the important thing that makes a difference is healthy eating. So, it is quite safe to say “ YOUR EATING DEFINES YOU.”

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