How Art Therapy Actually Works

Pablo Picasso once said, “Every child is born an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once they grow up.” If we come to think about it, it is actually astonishing that even as children, the first subject we are introduced to at school is art too!

Most of us had had a crayon in our hands before a pen. Children draw everywhere! Be it notebooks, walls, and sometimes even important official documents! But well, who can blame them? The world of art and colors is so beautiful and fascinating after all!

The Beauty Of Art

When we hear the word ‘Art,’ most of us would imagine colors. Colors! Blue, green, pink, black, red, yellow, white, and so many that we cannot even name! Colors! Bright and beautiful! Colors! Which makes our lives imaginative! Oh, we cannot even imagine a colorless world. Ugh! Dull and boring right?

This world is colorful, and the colors make us happy! So, it would not be wrong to say that art makes us comfortable and relaxed. Art is an experience of giving shape to our imagination. It’s not only the final result that matters but also the process underwent. This process of indulging in the art for mental peace is popularly known as Art Therapy.

Colors And Moods

Oscar Wilde said, “Mere color, unspoiled by meaning and unallied with definite form, can speak to the soul differently.”

Colors are like the food we crave— they change with feelings. When feeling low, we automatically tend to attract dark and mundane colors. But when feeling happy and full of life, we lean towards bright colors!

What Is Art Therapy?

Creating or performing art, in any form, has been with mankind since the time unknown. Art was used as a medium by people to express themselves, even before the concept of languages came into the picture.

Around the 1940s, doctors in Europe noticed that patients who drew and painted healed faster than others. The term ‘Art Therapy’ was not coined back then, and this was not a full-fledged concept either. It was around the 1990s when this was introduced in psychology as a real concept, and universities started to offer a course in this subject.

How Does Art Therapy Work?

Humans are likely to pour out their honest emotions when working with colors in/on any medium. Therapists use this tactic to learn about a person’s current status and, to an extent, get to know what all the patient might be going through.

The therapist then takes adequate actions accordingly to help the patient. Art Therapy is when people let out what they have been feeling or experiencing. It can be beneficial for people who have suffered from any kind of trauma, abuse, or other psychological illnesses, as they can express themselves creatively.

Art therapy especially helps in the following illnesses:

  • Stress
  • PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)
  • Cancer
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Anger issues
  • Substance abuse

And more or less every physical or mental illness. The best thing about art therapy is that it is the best remedy for children suffering any mental ailments.

Why Consider Art Therapy?

Simply looking at a beautiful painting in itself is very relaxing. Now imagine how therapeutic it would be to make one! Along with this, there are other mind-blowing and soul-soothing benefits of Art therapy. These are;

  • Improved self-esteem
  • Positivity
  • Relaxed mind
  • Improvement in sharing inner thoughts
  • Calmness
  • Stability
  • Improved attention span
  • Increased emotional awareness
  • More focus

Further Benefits Of Creating Art

Even if we are not seeing a professional art therapist, we can create art, play with colors and let our creativity flow. Come on! We all loved art as a child; let’s not stop just because we have grown up!

  1. Stress buster- when we draw, paint, doodle, or color, we are taking some time off of our busy schedules to indulge in things that can give us all the boost of energy that we need.
  2. It takes our mind off things- when we are making art or any other recreational activity, we are letting go of all worldly troubles and living in the moment.
  3. Extremely relaxing!!- when indulging in art and craft as a self-care activity, we feel calm and relaxed. We are in a world of imagination where everything is colorful and according to how we like it!

So, what are you waiting for?! Go and blow the dust off those old crayons and drawing journals!! And the next time you feel stressed or in need of relaxing, pick up your paints and create your own beautiful and colorful world! Become a child all over again. Add more colors to your life!! Decorate it!

Happy drawing!! 🙂

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