10 Hollywood movies based on True Stories


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10 Hollywood movies based on True Stories

There’s something magical about watching a movie that is based on true incidents. Real-life can be more mind-boggling, fortuitous, influencing or maddening and movies based on such real-life incidents prove it. The only thing that makes all this including the characters and plots even crazier is that you can meet such people in your real everyday life.

Now grab your popcorns because here is a list of such Hollywood movies that are based on true stories.

10 Hollywood movies based on True Stories

1. Zero Dark Thirty

Kathryn Bigelow’s 2012 masterpiece is an action film that portrays the decade long CIA hunt for the mastermind behind the attacks of 9/11 Osama Bin Laden. The character of Jessica Chastain is a fictional CIA officer that is meant to be a mix of various agents who worked on the case. All the other events represented in the movie are real including the years of interrogation it took to know about the hiding spot of Ladin that was the Pakistan compound. It culminated in 2011 during nighttime raids carried out by the SEAL team that killed the Al-Qaida leader.

2. Rain Man

Influenced by American Savant Laurence Kim Peek, Rain Man talks about the story of a car dealer named Charlie Babbitt played by Tom Cruise, who discovers his father who died recently left his $3 million fortune to the mental hospital where his brother didn’t know about lives in. Babbitt was initially motivated by the money and checks his brother out of the institution and takes him to LA, Only to start a life-changing road trip and forms a great and strong bond with his brother.

3. Eat Pray Love

A movie based on Elizabeth Gilbert’s memoir by the same name, Eat Pray Love talks about Gilbert’s Post-Divorce “journey” in different countries where she starts on the “search for everything”, from coddling up in Italy’s culinary delights to mastering prayers in India 

4. 12 years of Slave

A story that tells us about the historic hostility and heroic survival, Slavery of 12 years that portrays the cruelty faced 

by the blacks in the south during the years before the civil war started through the eyes of a free black man who was captivated and sold into bondage.

5. The two Popes

Fernando Meirelles’s biographical drama takes the audience behind the walls of the Vatican and narrating them the story of how Pope Benedict and Pope Francis had to alliance to form a new vision for the modern Catholic Church. 

6. The King’s Speech 

This is the best picture winning film which also brought Colin Firth his Best Actor Oscar for his complex portrayal of King George VI. Ascending the throne after his brother abdicates, King George is forced to find a permanent solution for his life king stutter problem with the help of an unorthodox speech therapist. 

7. Moneyball 

based on Michael Lewis’s 2003 book, this movie portrays the story of how the Oakland A’s General manager Billy Beane ( Brad Pitt ), joins Ivey Leaguer Peter Brand (Jonah Hill) to change the team that was struggling despite its limited budget. By using a “Sabermetric” Approach of scouting players, the two transform an underdog team into a team of game venues.

 8. Julie and Julia 

This is a good comedy movie starring Amy Adams and Meryl Streep And is based on Julie Powell’s everyday blog where she documented all her attempts to recreate all of Julia Child’s recipes that were there on her cookbook “Mastering the Art of French Cooking”. 

9. The Pursuit of Happyness

This movie talks about the true story of Chris Gardner, a homeless father who raised a son while being an aspiring and eventually becomes a stockbroker. This movie portrayed heart-wrenching details of how this man lost his home and career while keeping his son in high spirits. 

10. Catch me if you can 

17-year-old Frank Abagnale Jr. (Leonardo Dicaprio) a con man and forger becomes the most successful fraudster in the United States chased by FBI Agent Carl Hanratty (Tom Hanks), Abagnale has to be one step ahead of the law. 


Films are an escape from reality for many people and yet, there are few movies that are based on real-life stories which are equally and sometimes more intriguing than fiction. These movies provide an accurate depiction of what had happened and let the viewers experience it on the screen. 

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