8 Helpful Benefits of Ice Apple

Yes, you read right. I was surprised as hell too when I accidentally saw the name ice apple on the Google search list. My curiosity got its wings by merely reading the name “ICE APPLE”. And when I searched for it, boom I laughed so hard because it’s not an apple made of ice but a very very famous fruit of southern India.

Ice Apple

8 Helpful Benefits of Ice Apple

Due to its cooling effect and translucent jelly-like appearance, it is known as ice apple. Ice apple has a lot of health benefits, therefore making it a precious fruit that Mother Nature has provided to Indians.

1. Natural hydrator

Natural hydrator

Being hydrated is one of the most prominent issues in summers. Ice apple contains a good amount of sodium and potassium, therefore, it helps in maintaining the fluid and electrolyte balance in the body making it best to prevent dehydration.

2. Weight loss

Weight loss

In today’s time, losing weight is the main problem. Even after doing tons of exercise, we find ourselves in the trap of fat and high body weight. However, ice apple can prove to be the biggest help in this department. As, it contains a large amount of water whose presence keeps the stomach full throughout the day, avoiding unnecessary binging. Therefore, this low-calorie watery fruit helps in losing the weight naturally.

3. Helpful with rashes

Helpful with rashes

In addition to weight loss, it helps to prevent heat rashes and prickly heat that are very common in summer. Applying the flesh of ice apple on the affected areas helps relieve itchiness during summer, therefore providing a soothing effect.

4. Strong immune system

Strong immune system

Ice apple is loaded with tons of minerals and vitamins, which assist to strengthen our immune system.

For instance, the presence of potassium, it aids in cleansing the toxins out of the body and promotes the health of the liver. Moreover, doctors also recommend this fruit to people who suffer from breast cancer as it contains several phytochemicals with strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that are beneficial in slowing down the aging process and reducing the risk of such health problems.

5. Solve Digestive issues

Solve Digestive issues

Digestive problems another one of the issues faced by people nowadays. However, ice apple is itself an effective natural remedy for people suffering from these issues, including constipation and acidity. It relieves several stomach ailments including acidity and ulcers.

Even according to Ayurveda, “taati nangu is the best natural medicine to stomach ulcers.”

Ice apple also helps to get rid of heat boils, which are common during summers.

6. Natural coolant

Natural coolant

Ice apple acts as an excellent natural coolant and naturally cools the body in the summer regulating the body temperature. It quenches the thirst and provides energy to stay active throughout the day.

7. Phytochemicals storehouse

Phytochemicals storehouse

Ice apple is considered to possess several strong phytochemicals with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, which not only help slow down aging and reduce the risk of developing incurable diseases such as heart disease and cancer.

8. Helpful during pregnancy

Helpful during pregnancy

Pregnant women are strongly advised to eat ice apples because it not only aids the digestion process directly but also reduces the feeling of nausea and vomiting, which are common during pregnancy. Furthermore, the consumption of palm fruit is also known to improve the quality of breast milk in the feeding mother. It adds to the nutritional value that the baby receives from the milk, and acts as a good supplement, too. It also acts as a natural energy supplement and regulator. The combination of minerals and salts within, helps maintain the right glucose level in your body and keeps you fresh.

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