10 Health Benefits of consuming Jaggery in winters

Being bundled up under a mountain of blankets sounds as cozy as it can get. But during winters, blankets cannot shield us from health problems. A hot cup of tea can help in some ways, but when it comes to versatility, there is one superfood that takes the cake.

Jaggery, the golden cube of sugary goodness that pleases your taste buds all the while keeping the number on the weighing scale in check. The most commonly used jaggery is the crystallized form of boiled concentrated sugarcane juice. There are other types of jaggery made from date palm and coconut sap. But that is the boring fact, let us talk about the wonders it can do for our body.

10 Health Benefits of consuming Jaggery in winters

1. Detoxifying 

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Jaggery is a natural cleanser. Your body can be detoxified and kept healthy just by nibbling on a piece of jaggery. It eradicates all toxins, purifies the blood, and ensures a clean liver, stomach, intestines, lungs, digestive tract, and respiratory tract. This super food also aids in keeping respiratory diseases at bay.  

2. Increases Energy Levels

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There is a good reason why jaggery is a sought-after alternative to sugar. It is a complex carb that provides long-lasting energy to the body over time while keeping your blood sugar right where it is. It is a great remedy for weakness and fatigue.

3. Relieves Flu Symptoms

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Flu season can lead to irritated eyes, runny nose, and all sorts of allergies. While these flu symptoms can be as irritating and stubborn as they can be. But fortunately, they can be driven away simply by mixing some jaggery with milk, tea, or lukewarm water and reaping its benefits. 

4. Boosts Immunity 

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The cold weather can do a number on your health. It is not easy keeping your body free of diseases during the chilly season. Well here is a new philosophy to live by- “A piece of jaggery a day keeps the doctor away”. Since it is rich in antioxidants and minerals, it aids in building resistance to infections, keeps the count of red blood cells in check, and increases hemoglobin.

5. Regulates Body Temperature

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If it is too chilly outside, then help your body stay warm on the inside but how do you do that? Easy! Consume jaggery with water to keep your body temperature in check. It even works on hot summer days as well.

6. Relieves PMS Symptoms

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Cramps, aches, mood swings, fatigue, all these PMS symptoms are not only a nuisance but stubborn as well. And they get worse in cold weather. Taking painkillers and other medicines not only burns a hole in your pocket but also does no service to your taste buds. These sweet pieces of heaven provide vital nutrients that deal with menstrual problems.

7. Helps Digestion

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Ever wonder why it is recommended to nibble on a piece of jaggery after meals? A small piece of this divine food can stimulate the secretion of an enzyme that kick starts digestion. If consumed regularly, it can prevent constipation.

8. Solves Skin Problems

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This is one of the secret magical properties of jaggery that not many people know about. Apart from creams, serums, and masks, your skin needs nourishment from within. The vitamins, minerals, and antioxidant properties of jaggery provide just what you need to battle skin problems such as blemishes, dark spots, and wrinkles.

9. Increases Iron Absorption

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Anemia or iron deficiency can lead to pale skin, tiredness, shortness of breath, and damaged hair and skin. Iron is a vital mineral for our body. Jaggery is a good way to reverse it for anyone suffering from iron deficiency. Consuming jaggery along with your favourite citric fruits boosts the absorption of iron in the blood.

10. Treats Joint Aches

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Joint aches and bone problems can be treated by pairing jaggery and ginger in a glass of milk and sipping on it daily or once in two days, depending on your preference. It will strengthen your bones big time!

Who knew that nibbling on a sugar replacement could be so healthy and nourishing? Refined sugar is known to be unhealthy and adds empty calories to your body. So don’t waste any more time and replace it with some jaggery for your desserts, milk, or just an after-meal treat!

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