6 Hair Color Tips You Should Follow for Choosing the Right Shade

Almost everybody you see around has different shades of blue, green, red, or brown in their hair. You are either awestruck at how beautifully some colors suit the hair or you frown upon how disgusting it looks. There is no in-between. The entire process of choosing a hair color becomes a headache as there is an entire spectrum of colors to choose from.  You don’t want your hair to look out of place because once it goes wrong, the aftermath is horrible.

Sometimes, you pick the shade that is popular without considering whether it would complement you or not. Following the crowd might leave a trail of regrets. So it’s important that you consider a lot of things before you make the right choice.

6 Hair Color Tips You Should Follow for Choosing the Right Shade

1. Skin tone

skin tone
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Your skin tone is definitely a deciding factor. A sneak peeks into the hair color aisle of any salon will leave you perplexed. To overcome this confusion, you need to be aware of your skin tone. First, find out if you have a warm or cool tone.

If your face turns apple red when exposed to the sun, you have a cool tone. But, if you develop a tan, it is because you have a warm tone. Another very easy technique to determine your shade is to have a look at your wrists. If the veins look blue or purple, your skin has a cool tone. If the veins look greenish, you have a warm tone.

You cross a major hurdle once you are sure about your skin tone.

2. Finalize your look!

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Decide if you want to go for a drastic change or just subtle experimenting. If you have a haircut in mind, go for it before hair coloring. This will reduce the costs of coloring and give you a vivid idea of choosing which color to go with for your new hairstyle.  Next, make up your mind if you want a single hair color or a more dimensional look with two or more colors.

3. Will you invest your time?

Some people wish to go for a complete change, say from blonde to black or vice versa. You need to realize the repercussions before going for such a step. Your tresses will become more demanding as you need to visit the salon frequently to maintain the hair color. Maintenance is not much worry if you choose one or two shades lighter or darker than your natural color.

If your life is extremely hectic and you find it difficult to invest the time, then there is no point in taking this leap of faith.

4. Collect, Check, Color

Hair Colors Palette

Make sure you scan tons of magazines and the internet before you fix your hair color. There are loads of options and you need to leave no tables unturned while scrutinizing them. You don’t want to miss out on the perfect shade and that is possible if you check as many guides and manuals as possible.

5. Will this compliment my skin tone?

You have already had a look at your skin tone. Now, it is time to settle on the shade.

Warm skin tone- Go for rich browns like chocolate and chestnut as they will enhance and uplift your entire look. Warmer hues of red or golden can work as well. Sometimes it is better to play safe and choose dark shades (darker than the skin, obviously) as the contrast won’t be exceeding. A few colors like blue, violet and white don’t really compliment you and it is better if avoided.

Cool skin tone- Your natural glow is highlighted with colors like cooler shades of red, burgundy, etc. Search for hair colors like honey, blonde as they will blend perfectly. To neutralize your entire look, chocolate works fine as well.

6. Highlights and Streaks

highlights and streaks
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Sometimes you want to make an outrageous yet funky choice. Experimenting with new looks is your favorite activity and this is when you can make some way for wild alternatives. Green, purple, pink and all those different colors will add an adventurous side to your personality. These colors look the best as highlights or streaks. The other important factors to consider before you get the hair color done are your age and how healthy is your hair. With the age, lighter shades can look awkward and might not compliment the wrinkles and other imperfections on your skin.

The entire process of hair coloring is an exciting ride. But, it is necessary to make sure that your hair is healthy before it undergoes this major metamorphosis. Find your right muse, and voila, you transform your hair from mundane to magical. Keep your hands crossed and trust your instincts (and the stylist as well). You will definitely find the right shade to compliment you.

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