7 Hacks That Will Make Traveling Convenient

Don’t we all just LOVE to travel? Be it on icy mountains or shiny beaches, no matter where you go, you bring back something more than what you had before. Experiences can be managed and monitored and with these smart hacks, you can make sure your traveling is convenient and make it hindrance-free and without any glitches.

7 Hacks That Will Make Traveling Convenient

1. Carry Coconut oil

Long traveling routines are sometimes difficult to wrap your head around. Since it is not always possible to carry everything in your already filled luggage, here’s a one-stop solution for more than 5 of your daily needs. Coconut oil is a natural moisturizer and hair conditioner. If you are traveling to an arid country, it will act perfectly for dehydrated skin cells and will provide the perfect nourishment your hair requires under dry conditions. It is a perfect substitute for your lip balm and may act as your shaving cream.

If you are traveling to let’s say Bangkok, Singapore, Thailand, or the Bahamas, you are most likely to get dolled up for the perfect night out with your gal pals! No worries, once you are back at your hotel, much trusted coconut oil is there to help you get rid off your make-up without any hassle whatsoever! It acts as the best natural sunscreen you have ever used.

2. Saving space techniques

If you are traveling alone, start off by trying a duffle bag or a smaller suitcase. Roll your clothes and carry a single belt. Wrap that belt around the majority of the rolled clothes or as much as it fits within its fold. Fold your undies into tiny squares and roll your socks, just like you did for your clothes. Then slip them into your shoes and place the pair of shoes at the bottom of your bag/suitcase.

You don’t need to carry your sandals as you can buy them at local shops where you are going to travel. Buy your flip-flops there and dump them there when it’s time to come back home. Use spectacle cases to store tiny items like your small hair clips, tiny clamps, and your earrings before you set your foot off.

3. Beware of Public Wi-Fi

One of the wiser choices you can make while traveling is NOT to use public Wi-Fi at travel destinations on mobile devices, including the MacBook and iPads. In today’s world, malware ransoms are pretty common. First, they will take over your device through these Wi-Fi portals, hack into the system, and block all its functionalities. You will get ransom calls so that you can pay them in exchange for all the important documents and data stored in your device.

4. Don’t forget some cash

In this fast-paced world, where one click or one-tap payments at your disposal, don’t forget the importance of carrying cash when you are traveling. This carries only cash tip is, however, subject to where you are traveling to and what debit/credit cards you are carrying. All we are saying is to carry limited amounts of cash at a single time. When you run out of cash, find an ATM, withdraw cash, and you are good to go. Roll your cash into bundles and sneak them at hidden places, and don’t store all the bundles at the same place.

5. Experience more, click less

We all carry extra batteries and memory cards for our cameras while traveling. Nobody likes a ‘no photos’ situation of your cherished family trip or even a solo trip. Nevertheless, you must quit watching everything through your camera lenses and try your eyes more often when you are out on your trip. Nothing is better than experiencing your memories in the making through your own eyes.  

6. PDF those documents

Always maintain a scanned photocopy of all your major identification documents with yourself on your mobile phones and/or tablets. Even better is if you keep these documents uploaded safely on any of the cloud services by converting the scanned images into PDFs. It is quite a possibility that your identification details, as well as passports, may get lost. At that juncture, it will be next to impossible to get anything done without valid ID proof. The need to upload scanned images into a cloud service like Google Drive or in your Apple cloud services arises when there is a possibility of losing your phone along with the hard copy of those important documents.

7. Your Hotel TV is a potential charger

Yes, you can do that by simply plugging into the USB drive of your Hotel’s TV set and Voila! There you have it. This is an essential hack because many times we either forget to carry our power banks or we simply do not have it.

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