5 Habits to Get Rid Of If You Want To Become A Good Writer

Just because you’ve successfully bucketed the fancy words and spilled them on your content does not necessarily mean that you’ve fulfilled your readers’ standards. You may want to make delivering the information or storytelling your forte, but what kind of practices are you stressing about to make it happen? Whether it is to fetch some bucks or just to woo the admiration on social media platforms, you should be sure about the comprehensive gig of your content.

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Unfortunately, most of the good writers fail to accomplish the desired reach as their content is not as polished as any reader would want to be caught by. You don’t become a successful writer within the tweaks of one night. If there’s a skill, there’s always a chance to refurbish it. In the case of writing, one should always be awake at the blink of demands and convenience of readers. Let’s not spare any minute now and read about the reasons that might deprive you of the terrific opportunities that lay ahead. 

5 Habits to Get Rid Of If You Want To Become A Good Writer

1. Writing is your ‘once in a blue moon’ ritual

Writing is your ‘once in a blue moon’ ritual
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A little correction here – you only allow it on the full moon. When you light candles and take out a vintage paper to spill that cliche ink on it, do not try to conceal the exposure to your caliber by shutting the doors on its face. If you really wish to call yourself a writer, the first step is to do it with determination. A part of your day, even if it lasts only for ten minutes, should be devoted to writing. Sit, and let your imagination wander. Do not fret if it is just a sentence of five words in the end. It only takes a word to start content. 

2. Rejection and embarrassment are too heavy to digest

Rejection and embarrassment are too heavy to digest
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Fear is the crucial point that every now and then highlights on your way to submission. Every writer comes across the doubts and arguments over the fear of judgement and the embarrassment that comes from it. It is crucial because it probably blocks the road ahead for most of the good writers by demeaning their self-esteem and bid them farewell to home. When this situation arises, instead of limping backward, break a leg. Accept that rejection is a part of this process, and not to mention, a teacher. Before cursing your work, assess it. Tell yourself that the red marks on it are your stairway to the shinier performance.

3. You don’t read other writers

You don’t read other writers
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You only sit for hours and hours sweating on your piece of compositions and struggle to figure out the best styles and frames. It leads you to limited ideas and layouts. You may have the best of both worlds when it comes to your imaginations, but let’s be practical, cradling an idea, and pouring it on the paper are two different stages. Even if the story is not much distinct, you will be surprised to see the way a good writer can decorate it like that. So, read others and read them often. Explore their writing styles. You will probably be stretched to a hundred other ways to hit your typing. 

4. Experimenting is so not your favourite

Experimenting is so not your favourite
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You don’t get rid of the comforter. You have an idealized set of decorum for writing and you don’t bend beyond the threshold. Being a writer, you gradually reach the understanding of your niche but that should not keep your tongue from other sorts of taste. Writing, in itself, is a whole different world and you are budding to the walls of limitations. If you want to be a good writer, learn to work above your niche. Perform thorough research about a variety of subjects that you can write about. Commit to the habit of experimenting. Sooner or later, you will be able to confidently crack the dimensions, and what’s better than this to inject some confidence in you? 

5. Comparison has occupied your mind more than the content ideas 

In the end, your head ends up spinning and get struck by a deliberate fall of self-esteem. Your action mode, more or less, relies on your perspective of another writer’s work that you have just read. Instead of looking at the room for improvement, you play your eyes right and left just to decide that your work is worthless. You spot your fellow writer getting double of the likes that you get on social media and that’s a tragic end of your writing endeavours.

This habit is toxic to your career as a successful writer. There sure is a challenge awaiting you ahead, but the comparison is another story. Comparison, unlike inspiration, excuse your uniqueness away by praising others’. In order to become a good writer, you must understand that you always have the power to create new ideas and stand out. 

Happy writing!

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